“Artificial life” created as scientist makes sythetic chromosome

Personally, I think this is a bit of a joke. The way it’s described, it’s practically nothing more than what I do half the time in the laboratory at work. Like some of the commenters, I’m waiting until this gets published in a legitimate scientific journal before I get too worked up about it.

In a related note, things are changing a little bit at work in the lab. I’ve got an undergraduate student that will be learning to do some lab work, and hopefully migrate into actually doing some experiments. I had a couple choices of projects for her to do, one of which was directly related to the work I’m doing while the other was more of a side project leftover from my lab rotation a year or so ago. Thankfully, she liked the sound of the work regarding my project right now. The only disappointment there is that I kind of have to wait to try out those experiments now, since the intention is to have her do them. My impatience isn’t going to want to work with me on this one. I’ll have to wait and see how competent she is with lab skills as time goes on. That tends to be the indicating factor as to how fast the work can progress.

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I think I’ve finally settled into a theme I like. I’ve tweaked with the colors a little bit as I wasn’t a huge fan of the light green look to the theme. Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t letting me edit the main CSS file, as it keeps stating it doesn’t exist. Which is ironic, since it opens for me, but won’t save. I’m not exactly sure how that managed to happen, but meh. *shrugs*

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I’ve moved the old LifeType blog out of the subdomain to give this WordPress one a try. You can still get at the LifeType layout here. I may still try to dink around with it to see if I can mess with the themes some. They’re not nearly so user-friendly to amendment.

I have managed to get to the gym every morning this week so far, sticking to the regiment that was setup for me. It’s awfully rough getting up every morning at 5:30am, however. I keep having a tendency to start burning out in the day sometime after lunch, like I really just need a nap. It doesn’t even matter how much I eat for lunch (although a large lunch seems to kick in nap-mode much faster).

I’ve been getting by on just a banana and a breakfast bar (or two breakfast bars when we’re out of bananas) for a breakfast after going to the gym. Since I’m usually extremely starved afterwards, sometimes this feels like a weak breakfast. I really wish I could go for something hot, but I really don’t want to bring microwavable food or pick up fast food. As it is, I had Burger King for lunch today and right around 6pm or so, I had a nasty feeling of gut rot. Between that and having Red Robin for dinner last night, I think my gut was telling me it’s disdain for junky food, despite how tasty it is. *sighs* I have to start watching what I eat now if I’m going to keep eating healthy!

I’m thinking about installing a separate blog for my weight loss endeavor. I’d probably lock that blog up (at least at first) in the thoughts I might throw pictures in there just detailing the progress. Probably just shirtless pictures so it’s a little easier to see the weight loss (most of it will be around the midsection). Yes, there’s that much! Anyhoo, if anyone’s got any remarks about that, feel free to speak up!

In other news, Milla reeks of a fresh batch of sulfated lime. Ringworm is not a fun disease to treat! It’s amazing how much she’ll cry when she’s getting the bath and when she’s left in the bathroom to air-dry with a fan blowing on her. Then not even an hour or two later, she’s dying for our attention again. I think we’re past the trust stage and she’s into the blind-love stage with momentary bouts of distrust.

Anyhow, I need to get to bed so I can decide if I’m still going to the gym in the morning. The gut still feels a little funny, so we’ll see how I’m doing in the morning. Guten nacht!

I’ve had these huge ambitions to get a website setup for myself to replace the old one I had back in the day when I had a free server to host my pages. Since then, the host kind of underwent a bunch of changes I wasn’t a fan of, and I found the hosting charges on GoDaddy.com to be reasonable, so I opted to just lease my own server hosting.

Unfortunately, it’s been nearly a year since I started the hosting and purchase of my domain names, and all I really have to show for it to date is the webpage I setup for my graduate student class at Himaythelush.com. I threw a nice little teaser flash file on the mainpage of the site, but even that hasn’t really gone anywhere. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with it, but now that I’ve got some plans for my JamieBaxter.com site, I’ll probably need to re-align my thoughts for the former.

I’m still toying around with the settings and such of the blog right now. I like the look of LifeType, but I’m not committed to it just yet. I’m toying around with WordPress right now as well, as I saw Heather’s blog using that software and I like the look of it as well. I think it will really just end up boiling down to a matter of customization capability and available options.