Driving in Buffalo really sets me off sometimes. The way some people will go to the trouble to get past you because you’re not accelerating nearly fast enough for their liking is ridiculous. I had a college girl swerve around me, floor it to try to get past me, then try to sneak in between the car directly in front of her and the narrow gap in front of me of about a foot or two. This really didn’t please me. To add to that, a full-size pickup truck had just switched into the lane directly in front of her, forcing her to slow down abruptly with that one to two foot gap in front of me, forcing me to stomp on the brakes to back off. She went to all this trouble to risk getting hit by myself just to move up one car length, so that in another 1000 feet, she could sit at a left-turn signal for two or three minutes before it turned green.

I normally can blow off those incidents in the later part of the day, but in the mornings it really makes me livid. Especially when it’s at 7:30, when most people are not in a crazy hurry to get to work/school/wherever. Unfortunately, after stuff like that it leaves me cranky and irate with other drivers, and I really want to be an asshole to all of them now, since I feel like every native NY’er is a naïve and arrogant driver. To get past that, I had to crank up my Foo Fighters CD to almost ear-bleeding volume to cool off. The more I think about it, the more I feel that I definitely do not want to live here for any extended period of time after I finish my degree. Hell, the faster I can get out of here, the better!