Digging up the past, whether it be intentional or accidental is always a bit reminiscent (no, really?) and somewhat awkward in feeling as well. I was scouring through my old emails in an attempt to relinquish some working password to my old website hosted through an old friend, but that failed miserably. That site may stay still until the end of time. I almost feel embarrassed that it’s up, but considering it doesn’t even appear to register on reputable search engines, I’m not terribly concerned.

Anyways, back to my point, digging through my old saved messages, I was surprised to see whom I still had emails from. It’s interesting to see how my social structure has changed since my middle years of college. Thinking back on it, I have this split urge to come off as a more mature, refined individual. Yet, daily, I have these urges to let the childish nature lash out still to unleash wanton and hilarious silliness to lighten the mood. It’s a really odd feeling, and I feel one will persevere and the other will ultimately die out, although I do my best to main both in my day to day life.

It really boils down to my concern on the opinions of others. I still have that urge to always come off well to other people, and worry less about myself in the process. It’s an odd habit I’ve always had, and thankfully it’s toned down over the years. Sometimes, it would just be nice to be rid of it, right? Although, yet again, I digress.

So, as I was pondering over my old communications, I reflected on the kind of people they were then. I look at the people I know now and I can see a definite difference between the social crowds. I still feel like I fit in awkwardly here in Buffalo. I don’t have that same kind of niche I had back in Fargo. Hell, I was just finally getting comfortable with the niche after three to four years there. I wish I could find that same kind of niche here in Buffalo, but that remains complicated by a few factors. Firstly, I have to realize exactly what it was about that niche that made it “home” to me. Secondly, I have to find some of those people. Sometimes it feels so agonizing to meet people and sometimes suffer yourself through their inane discussions as you’ve realized thirty seconds too late that you probably should not have introduced yourself.

In other thoughts, I’m trying to visualize a look to my main-page that I could put together as a sort of portal to my blog and other connections. I really like the look of JannyGirl‘s portal page (still bookmarked so I can track down her massage service if wifey and/or myself want to give it a try…she sounds like she’s pretty good), but I don’t want to come off as a blatant rip-off of that. Regardless, I’m sure it will share some of the elements her designer used…it’s slick, it’s simple, it’s great!

The weather has gone crazy again. Big surprise, right?? We had beautiful, sunny skies yesterday with highs somewhere in the 50’s, and now we’re down to crazy mid-20’s with freezing rain and snow due later tonight. Crazy weather fronts and silly southeastern moisture!

This weekend is recruitment weekend for my graduate program (Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in the Biomedical Sciences). Like the weekends in past since I was accepted into the program here, I’m helping out with the recruitment process by meeting with the students and answering/reassuring any questions they may have. Personally, it’s nice to meet some interested parties in the university and help get them excited about coming here, but I have to admit that the free food and beer is a nice perk on the side also! Thursday night is casual night out to break them in and let them meet some students. Friday they get to see the school and meet with selected faculty members of their choice, lunch with students and faculty both, and dinner with faculty and students again. I get to help out with both dinners, and then meet with them one last time Saturday morning for breakfast to show those interested about general housing areas in the city and ‘burbs. Granted, I’m no expert like many of the people who grew up in this region of WNY, but I’ve gotten a good feeling over the years for what’s nice and what’s sketchy.

Being that this is my third year helping out with the recruitment process, I’m starting to feel my age within the program a little bit. The first year I helped out, there were a couple fifth year students still doing it, and numerous other ones above me. Since then, we’ve lost more of those upperclassmen. This year, there are only three that are upperclassmen to myself, and only by a single year. I’m getting to that point that I am the upperclassmen, and it’s starting to feel weird. This is only compounded by the fact that I’m no longer taking real coursework (just research credits and seminars), and I’m already on my way to candidacy as long as my research continues to be fruitful. Ironically, I don’t feel that I’ve accomplished a ton in terms of research, but I have gotten some really interesting results since I’ve started my project. Additionally, I’m on the edge of finishing some crucial experiments to determine where my research is going to continue, so perhaps I’ve really accomplished more than I thought? Who knows…I’ll just be excited to finally get a project of my own to publish!

It’s late on a Saturday night, and I just don’t feel like going to bed quite yet. Despite nearly being done with my BerryWeiss and developing a mild headache (likely induced from unnecessary screaming at a lacrosse game), jut not in a hurry to get to sleep yet. I’m sure that will change once the temperature has dropped and I start getting cold.

The Bandits game tonight was good once they got their act together. I’m so used to seeing Kilgour as the starting center, that I didn’t even think twice when the away team (Philadelphia Wings) got the ball repeatedly after scores were made. Only then did I notice we had some rookie Sanderson at center, and he was doing a horrid job in the face-offs. Swung wild nearly 6 times, completely missing the ball and giving it to the Wings. Kilgour would fight until him and the opposing team member would go down on the turf before he’d give up his hold on the other man’s stick. Within 7 minutes, the Wings were up 6 on our nothing going into the game. I couldn’t believe it! Then the one chance we did have to score (and theoretically did), they called a roughing penalty on the shooter and negated the score. I was a bit livid, since it appeared to be a shoddy act more than a real blow to the goalie.

Ironically, once we got most of the rookies off the field and went back to the tried and proven guys, we came back…with a sweeping lead I might add. Game ended 21-12, thanks to some cooperation resultant in some real shooting (1st quarter shots were lethargic and horribly inaccurate) and a solid defense. I was very glad to see them come back and clean their act up.

Work was a little stressful this week. The week was going okay up until Thursday morning. Wednesday night, I left our FPLC unit running with a chromatography column on it that I was equilibrating for the morning. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn down the flow rate and it depleted all the water I was passing over it, resulting in approximately “420mL of air” going over the column. Needless to say, the column dried out, and the pumps were running dry with dried out seals, no less. My boss was the first one in Thursday morning, so he was the one to discover this first, much to my chagrin. Thankfully, being the ridiculously laid back fellow that he is, he wasn’t too flustered by this. Just caught off guard by the odd noises coming from the machine. The column has since been rehydrated, and is still flowing under a constant flow of ethanol/water to ensure there is nothing problematic with the column. It will continue to run like that all weekend, and then I’ll run some standards on it on Monday (providing our rotation student isn’t using the FPLC) to see how badly I’ve affected/destroyed the theoretical plates in the column. I’m praying it’s minimal…the column runs around $1400 brand new! Then again, I’m not sure I’d want to purchase a used one. Regardless, the FPLC is running fine, and hopefully the column will be as well.

The cat is starting to pester me, so I think it’s time to head to bed. She gets a little too whiney in the middle of the night for attention, I swear!