Dakota Voice: Palin Caved on Vouchers: “As with any politician (or human being, for that matter), there will always be one or more issues where we may disagree.

As much as I like Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, I believe she caved on the issue of school vouchers.”

(Via The Dakota Voice.)

The basic lowdown of this article elaborates how Palin formally opposed the voucher system that McCain (and much of the Republican Party) support for the education system. After a discussion with the wife over dinner about some issues being maintained by the candidates, I was really hoping that she was still in disapproval of the voucher system so that the McCain campaign would have to rethink this issue.

It would appear that is no longer so. I’m no longer pleased with their stance on education reform if it potentially involves further undermining already struggling school systems and lending favor to private institutions. Oye vay…

Frankly, I’m not a fan of requiring registration to read so many of these news articles. In addition, it was a letter to the newspaper, so I don’t feel so bad in reproducing it.

Nothing against creationists, but my jaw was floored when I read this. God tilted the Earth from its original position???

Oh my gosh, does my head hurt now! I personally can’t seem to find any evidence of this, although I don’t have a Bible handy (doing my damnedest to Google this all up). To be honest, I’m a little shocked that the Forum decided to publish this…I thought it’d be a little too contentious to put up.

Butch Dallmann, Moorhead, Letter: All answers can be found in the Bible:

“Well, folks, here we go again.

First they try to make us believe in the “big-bang” theory; then the “millions of years” theory; then the “we all came from monkeys” theory or even the “sea” theory.

Let’s get into the real solution as to what happened and read the Bible. Genesis will explain how it all was created.

Now for the global warming story Al Gore and others are pushing on us; it’s time to read Genesis to Revelation in the Bible.

When God sent the rain on this Earth for 40 days and nights, all this water had to go someplace so the Earth would be dry again.

Remember, God is the Creator and controls the universe.

God tilted the Earth from its original position and caused all the excess water to rush to the poles, and there he instantly froze the water into the ice formations that exist today.

Time is ticking down on God’s time clock. With all the nuclear bombs that are made and stored for the fast-emerging last battle, this Earth would burn up when these nuclear bombs are set off.

We are not creating global warming – God is tipping the Earth back to its original position on its axis and thus getting all this ice to get ready to move and extinguish the nuclear destructive fires man will create.

Time is running out, folks. Jesus is coming soon. Do you know him as your personal Savior?”

(Via The Fargo Forum.)