Really? Who disseminates contempt through the workplace email system on a discriminatory basis? As I was informed, this email was sent to particularly liberal-leaning individuals.

Lets see… your savior has been in office for less than 48 hours and cant take an oath? Im just kidding, even without the oath hes still President at officially 12 noon on Inaugaration Day… and as a military guy I completely support our Commander in Chief but maybe you can help explain this to me???
HES THE REAL PROBLEM… lets close the countries oldest military base that is home to 8 years of relentless hard work by US and our allies who have worked relentlessly to house over 250 of the worlds biggest threats to our Natioanl Security… “heres the key hope you enjoyed your stay, thank you come again (and they will)”… why? Can some of you bleeding blue liberals explain this to me? Even Canada has said dont free them and especially dont send them back here! They wont take them back, they’ve worked to hard for too long (8years). They have put their faith in the our legal system,and all that American stands for in the world, so, why is our new President making such a decision?
PS – I didnt elect him!”

In a public school, no less. Between the poor grammar, spelling, and misinformed, why would one even do this? This just screams untactful and intentionally combative. A school (let alone a workplace in general) is not, I repeat, NOT the place for this.