Thanksgiving week kind of threw a curveball at me. I was originally planning to go see Camera Obscura (the pop band from Glasgow) over in Rochester on the evening of Thanksgiving eve. That was unable to occur because I needed a loaded night of sleep for Thanksgiving Day: I was running the YMCA Turkey Trot in Buffalo.

The rest is a bit of a ramble, so bear with me if you’re curious to read some more.
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I disappeared down to Baltimore, MD, just over a week ago on a completely short-notice lark. I’ll detail that more later with a beaming review of Art Brut‘s second to last concert of their tour. I’m falling behind on this blog, so I need to step it up a notch!

Lookit the pretty pictures! Okay, so *I* think they’re pretty. Go take a look if you’re curious. I took a few while I was in Cunningham Falls State Park before I left Maryland. Here’s one with Adrienne (my good friend from the Midwest, and delightful host for my stay) on our way back down the mountain.

Big Hunting Creek