I’m completely moved out of the old apartment now. I just turned in the keys last night, and will soon be receiving my deposit back, and then I can completely forget about all of the move. Unfortunately, my body’s suffering pretty badly from it. I went on a fairly long bike ride Sunday and ruined my quads; they have never burned so badly in my life before, short of maybe a time or two during my years taking weight-training in high school. I only had Monday to recover from that (and they did little of that). Between hauling down a 4cu.ft. fridge, recliner, 24″ CRT television, two garbage totes of garbage, 4 large boxes of over random garbage, and then a full car load’s worth of stuff to take back to my new place, my quads resumed their burning and my feet ached to the point I couldn’t really feel them anymore.

So, I’m stuck recovering from that mess while that last car load of stuff is just piled up in the den/office room. That, and I can’t sit for too long, otherwise my legs in general start acting all weird and aching. I really need to get off my feet though; they’ve been killing me yesterday and today. Despite the fact I’ve lost ~15lbs. since I started moving a month ago, I think I’ve just stressed them too much. I need to rest them up before the weekend; the Italian Festival is going on just a half-block from my new place! I have to be able to go check that out at least!