As always, I seem to be terrible at keeping up with this thing. Having a busy winter (or lack thereof) made it hard to sit down and blog much. I think I need to resign to the fact that I’ll likely rarely (or never) be consistent with the blogging thing, and just leave it to be what it is.

December took off and got crazy because I was trying to finish putting together my yearly committee meeting. I finally have a more concrete timeline in place for finishing my degree, and it’s looking to be late this summer. I need to have another committee meeting within the next month to assess that I’m still on track for this deadline, and to verify I have a solid direction for what second paper I’m going to be working towards as part of finishing my thesis. Needless to say, with the establishment of a semi-solid deadline and the experimentation necessary to go with it, I have been trying to bust my ass to get much of this done.

All the holidays have gone by rather splendidly. Christmas needed to be low-key with my leg injury still on the recovery, and I got some nice swag from it. Valentine’s Day stayed sufficiently below the radar for my liking. My birthday was a source of hmming and hahing all the way up until the day of as to what I was going to do. Ultimately, I just went to trivia at Canvas@1206 as has *mostly* been the norm as of late, but ended up way more drunk than I typically was. And I mean way more drunk. I should not have driven the SUV the mere half block to move it from Hertel Ave to near my apartment in that state. I know I boast that I’m a “sober” drunk (can be attested to by more than a few friends), but that was just plain stupid of me. I don’t think I had realized how drunk I was until after I had parked the vehicle. Despite parking it without a hitch (no curb hits or nothin’), that was an epically stupid move. It shan’t be happening again.

The weather is driving me nuts. This extremely temperate winter and early arrival of spring has me very concerned for the upcoming summer. I love me some cold and snow. And I really loathe the heat of the summer, especially considering how I can’t feasibly run the air conditioner in my apartment without shutting off virtually every other major electronic device (because they’re all on the same breaker). 70˚ temperatures are arriving next week. Lord knows how warm this summer is going to be. I pity poor Emily, as she may be forced to dealing with me lounging around the apartment with no shirt on in order to stay cool in said heat, if the summer is anything like this last winter has been. However, if the heat really does get that bad, I’m sure she’ll start resorting to similar measures in the name of staying cool. The cats, unfortunately, don’t have such a luxury!

I feel a need to rant about the lab and such, but I’ll leave that for another time. I’m not sure if it’s good of me to be griping about it in a public place (especially if people want to try to glean information about me prior to potential employment), but I try to be honest and reasonable about my rants. Whether that helps shed things in a more informative light or not, I cannot say. It’s tough; I would like an outlet, but more and more these days, everything that enters the electronic sea that is the Internet is being examined with more and more scrutiny, from what I hear.

In the interim, I’m attempting to stave off some sort of respiratory infection that started with some post-nasal drip that needs to chill the fuck out and leave. In addition, I’m dealing some unusual back soreness. It’s been around for a week, which I had originally associated with an accident I had back at Cori’s parents’ place (now a week and a half past), wherein I found that the coefficient of friction between my feet covered with moisture-wicking socks and some generic carpet upon which I was standing is insufficient to stop my forward momentum as I attempted to “scare a dog.” The inability to stop sent me sliding down a couple of stairs, landing very hard on my ass, and nearly pulling some muscles in my pectorals to try to catch myself on the railing. The pain is localized to a previously unknown region of my back known as the thoracolumbar fascia, which appears to be a rather large piece of dense connective tissue, holding a bunch of my back muscles together. The pain is not chronic: it instead is only apparent when I’m attempting to lean over, or raise myself back up. It’s very bizarre, and becoming quite the minor nuisance, as I’m becoming concerned by its inability to resolve itself to date.