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You would think this would be obvious to me after all these years: always read the ingredients!

I started feeling an ugly tickle in my throat mid-day Friday. Hallmark indicator of an incoming nasal infection/cold/something. I started taking some good ol’ pseudoephedrine as I always do, so my nasal passages can drain, and avoid getting myself a sinus infection. Perusing through the cabinets early Saturday, I discovered I still had some Mucinex DM in there. Awesome! Let’s start taking that! Been popping those every ~12 hours since Saturday evening.

Sunday rolls around, and the congestion is getting worse and worse. I have no idea what is going on, other than whatever this is is rolling in fierce. Tonight, I was actually contemplating taking some extra pseudoephedrine to supplant the Mucinex DM I already took. As I am browsing the cabinet, I find that there is some leftover Mucinex D in the cabinet; my old, go-to staple for colds. Now I am a little confused.

I always used the yellow/orange box. Why am I taking the green one again?

Let us take a quick look at the active ingredients again:

    Mucinex DM

  • 600 mg guaifenesin (expectorant, aka phlegm thinner)
  • 30 mg dextromethorphan (cough suppressant)
    Mucinex D

  • 600 mg guaifenesein (expectorant again)
  • 60 mg pseudoephedrine (decongestant, what I need right now)

Woahwoahwoahwoah…I haven’t been taking any pseudoephedrine for the past 36 hours?!?

Shit. It’s no wonder I haven’t had any improvement in my congestion. Well. Glad we got that squared away now.

Take home message of this story? Always know what you’re taking for drugs, and why you’re taking it.

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Since I weighed in at the 260–lbs mark after the new year rolled around, I made (yet another) firm decision to lose weight. I already tried this years ago, both with running and some modest watching of my diet, but I fell off that bandwagon the following year. My weight hovered okay, especially through a summer of dodgeball until I tore my calf during a winter season of kickball. All the sedentary nature slowly let the pounds creep back on until I was back in the 240–250 range. This wasn’t so troublesome until I got to an Italian Thanksgiving, an Italian Christmas, and a big fat Italian wedding all over late 2012.

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Last (paid) day in my doctorate laboratory tomorrow. Still churning out experiments up until the end. Shit. I may be in Saturday to do yet one more. We’ll see.

I still haven’t gotten the chance to go up to Toronto to find an apartment yet. That’s going to be on the docket for early next week.

I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact I need to be packed and ready to move in about two weeks. I am clearly going to lose sleep over this.

Apparently this week was not the week to start following YourAnonNews on Twitter. Fascinating amounts of information that I don’t usually catch through social media (aka Twitter and the once-a-month visit to Google News), but between the Boston Marathon bombing, the Ricin-laced letter threats, and now the West plant explosion, I think I’m getting overloaded on news.

My immediate family is flying out to watch me get cowled during commencement this spring at UB. This will be the first time my parents have ever come out to visit (second time for my brother) since I moved to Buffalo. Considering I haven’t been back home to visit in almost two years, this is going to seem a little weird and surreal.

So much random stuff flying around in my head, and so little time & motivation to get it all out. I hope things will slow down to allow me a breather once I get to Toronto and get settled in. If not, I’m probably going to end up very hermit–like for the first few months of my time there (due likely in large part to having to write a review for my postdoc mentor once I get there).

The phrase, “save me from myself,” comes vividly to mind right now. The next month is going to be all kinds of high–strung Jamie, through and through.