Sometimes you just have to hover around in a holding pattern until you figure out what you’re doing. Keep the day-to-day operations running, right?

It’s just a problem when you’re stuck in a holding pattern, and the day-to-day eats up most of your resources. You keep running out of steam, and lose the energy to negotiate the bigger stuff.

How the hell does one get a proper recharge in to deal with that stuff? Every time I get a decent mental decompression, something else just eats up all the time right afterwards. Or I don’t even get that much of a mental break, because I’m already worrying about more stuff. Uffda.

I think I’m just lost in a loop of worrying about self presentation more than self preservation. Why must this be so difficult to stay focused on?

…and on that note, I’m going to go hide from reality in the youth of my Nintendo DS & some 2007-era game.