Just a few of the photos I took with my phone during my weekly trek to The Stockyards for my Sunday brunch, back after the ice storm that wiped out a substantial portion of Toronto on December 22nd of 2013.

The young tree in my neighbour’s front yard.

IMG 2418

Ironically coated “safety” ribbon…


The first of the fallen debris as I begin my stroll down Caledonia Road.


A major impasse that blocks a substantial portion of St. Clair Ave eastbound, in front of Oakwood Collegiate.

IMG 2421

Brown, naked shrubbery transformed into something more beautiful.

IMG 2422

This cycle’s owner may not be getting much traction, nor use, out of this vehicular device.

IMG 2426

Probably the coolest portion of my Sunday morning: these high shrubs turned into a fantastical low (like almost limbo low) archway, after a deliciously filling brunch meal.

IMG 2427

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