FYI: Half-naked (torso) photo below behind the cut.

I’ve discussed my weight loss progress a bit before. Currently, I’ve been consistently “stuck” in the 180-lbs range, give or take a few pounds. However, that doesn’t mean I’ve been without progress. Without the consistent cycling from the work commute in the winter mess, I have had to resort to other means to continue progress. In the interim, it’s been resistance training exercises in the absence of additional weight loads (aka just body weight). Maximal range squats, the tried & true push-ups, flat straight leg raises (not as easy as they may look, I must say), and standing lunges. I’m trying to work them up to three sets of 20 each (squats are already there), but the others are working up there. All the leg work (leg raises included) are keeping my quads in fantastic looks, and my upper body is coming along surprisingly, considering I’ve only been doing these for a month. What is the most surprising is the progress overall: here, I’m wearing some 32″-waist jeans; I haven’t worn jeans this size since my high school years.


And they fit comfortably. The belly flab that is sitting on top isn’t because it’s being squished out: that’s just loose skin from the weight loss in that region. It’s kind of bewildering to think that I may ultimately end up in better shape/looks than I was since high school! <spaceholder for old senior photo here>

Next week, I’m throwing in changing up some exercises as the goals to setup for the weight loss/toning. I’m exchanging the normal push-ups for decline push-ups (we’re talking my feet elevated 3.5′ onto my kitchen counter). For the squats, I am instead replacing them (hopefully) with Bulgarian split squats: something that will stress my legs better & more substantially.

More than anything, I’m hoping these will keep me well enough in shape that the cycling commute to work won’t be miserable to restart. Secondly, I’m hoping they tone me down (fatty regions) or up (muscle building) in the spots I need it. It’s hard for me to perceive on my own, but I just need to have faith it’ll make a difference visually, if not simply physically. As long as I’m comfortable in the progress I make, that’s all that really matters. They’re probably just going to end up subtle changes that most people won’t notice anyways!

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