24 hours in a day:

  • 1 hour to wake up, get ready for work, and eat breakfast.
  • 30–40 minutes in transit to work (let’s round this up to an hour).
  • Average a 10–12 hour day at work.
  • 1 hour in transit to get home.
  • 1 hour to eat (premade/leftover) dinner & do dishes.
  • 1 hour to do my evening exercises & take a shower.
  • Expectation of 8 hours of sleep.

I am running with only 1–3 hours left in the day at this point then, varying dependent upon the work day. Even more time is eaten out of that if I need to cook a dinner from scratch, or run any other evening errands between work and home.

No wonder I’m struggling to find time for more productivity or rarely getting enough sleep. I need to tweak my work schedule to keep it consistently to 10 hours or less (eight would be grand). I also look forward to the weather warming up so I can ride to & from work; that’s an easy 25–30 minute commute—at most—each way, instead of the two hours (and CAD$130 per month) I spend on the TTC right now.

I really need to strike a balance here somewhere…

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