Having had the year to settle into Toronto, it’s time to finally get back to some summer adventures while I still can. At least get out of the city a bit more. Some camping trips to the north will be in order, but I’ve yet to setup plans for those. I have, however, set some up for south of the border, back in the United States later this summer.

The planned events so far are a pair of beer festivals, both of which I’ve been to in the past. First of which is Selin’s Grove Brewing‘s Hops, Vines & Wines festival1, down in Selinsgrove, PA. Been there multiple years now with my good friend Rob; the city is an ideal setup for the festival, before, during, and after. Great eats in the city beforehand, and awesome venue downtown during the festival, and some delicious food (and even more delicious brews) after. All in a little college city that’s sent students home for the summer! Had a tentative cohort in crime for that, but they’ve seem to gone incommunicado as of late3. So unless I hear back on that copilot, I may have an open seat (literally, in my car for the road trip) for that adventure!

Secondly, I am most definitely going to Brewery Ommegang‘s Belgium Comes to Cooperstown beer festival2, over at their brewery grounds near Cooperstown, NY. Fantastic brews & food last year, and I can only expect the same this year. So many (strong, rich) brews last year that I had so many gone untasted. And camping on-site afterwards, so you don’t even have to worry about driving home. Such an awesome package for the whole shebang! I picked up an extra ticket for this one because I know I wouldn’t be knowing anyone else there this year most likely4, so I need to hunt out (potentially) another copilot, lest I just sell off the ticket. I’m not opposed to going it alone…but usually these events are great to share with a like-minded friend!

So in addition to vetting some camping buddies for trekking further north into Ontario for camping—along the Georgian Bay or further hopefully5—I will be soliciting for a (or two?) beer festival accomplices. If you—or anyone you know—may be willing accomplices, tell them to give me a holler in the interim!

1Saturday, July 19th, so there will be overnight stays Friday & Saturday nights.
2Saturday, August 9th, with setup starting at noon, so in order to get a good spot to set up the tent, I’m aiming to probably stay overnight somewhere closer on Friday night, and get to the brewery grounds ASAP in the morning, to have a comfortable tent location for the Saturday overnight camping.
3Realistically, I can’t blame them. Might be tied up trying to negotiate graduate school applications/decisions, easily enough to make one’s head spin!
4None of them have mentioned their intentions to go this year, at least not that I have seen as of yet.
5I’m not sure how many Buffalonians are going to be interested in coming north for that, so I fear I may only be trying to find Torontonians to accompany this excursion(s).

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