Here it is, 11pm at night, and I’m cleaning the necks of turkeys that I used to make some stock. Why I’m doing that at this hour, who knows.

Even worse? I already brushed my teeth & refuse to brush them again. So I had to strip all that delicious meat without being able to consume any of it.

I am getting rather dextrous with my fingers though. I can clean the meat off the vertebrae substantially faster than I used to. Also found myself a little trick to expedite the wringing of the juices from the cheesecloth-bound vegetables, so I only spent a half hour cleaning meat & wringing juices. Go me!

Tangential but relevant: do not like cooking turkey neck that have been pre-chopped into smaller segments. Leaves too many bone fragments to worry about accidentally pruning with the meat. Give me one long, graceful neck and I’ll pick the whole thing clean in about five minutes.


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