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Dumping out all the SMC data I gathered last night for the MacBook Pro 8,2. Stripped of all the actual output data, just like the 7,1 dump. At least with this, I can match some of the sensor data with what iStat delivers me.

{	'#KEY':	[ui32],
	'$Adr':	[ui32],
	'$Num':	[ui8	],
	'+LKS':	[flag],
	'ACCL':	[ui8	],
	'ACEN':	[ui8	],
	'ACFP':	[flag],
	'ACIC':	[ui16],
	'ACID':	[ch8*],
	'ACIN':	[flag],
	'ACLM':	[ui8	],
	'AL!	':	[ui16],
	'ALA0':	[{ala],
	'ALA1':	[{ala],
	'ALA2':	[{ala],
	'ALA3':	[{ala],
	'ALA4':	[{ala],
	'ALA5':	[{ala],
	'ALAT':	[{alt],
	'ALFC':	[ui16],
	'ALI0':	[{ali],
	'ALI1':	[{ali],
	'ALP0':	[ui16],
	'ALP1':	[ui16],
	'ALRV':	[ui16],
	'ALSC':	[{alc],
	'ALSF':	[fp1f],
	'ALSL':	[ui16],
	'ALT0':	[ui16],
	'ALT1':	[ui16],
	'ALTH':	[{alr],
	'ALV0':	[{alv],
	'ALV1':	[{alv],
	'AUPO':	[ui8	],
	'B0AC':	[si16],
	'B0AV':	[ui16],
	'B0Al':	[ui16],
	'B0Am':	[ui8	],
	'B0Ar':	[ui8	],
	'B0As':	[ui8	],
	'B0At':	[ui16],
	'B0Au':	[ui16],
	'B0BI':	[hex_],
	'B0CT':	[ui16],
	'B0FC':	[ui16],
	'B0LI':	[ui16],
	'B0RI':	[ui16],
	'B0RM':	[ui16],
	'B0St':	[hex_],
	'B0TF':	[ui16],
	'BATP':	[flag],
	'BBAD':	[flag],
	'BBIN':	[flag],
	'BC1V':	[ui16],
	'BC2V':	[ui16],
	'BC3V':	[ui16],
	'BCHA':	[ui8	],
	'BCHB':	[ui8	],
	'BCHF':	[ui8	],
	'BCHG':	[ui8	],
	'BCHL':	[ui8	],
	'BCHO':	[ui8	],
	'BCHP':	[ui8	],
	'BCHR':	[ui8	],
	'BCHT':	[ui8	],
	'BCHX':	[ui8	],
	'BCLM':	[ui8	],
	'BCMV':	[ui16],
	'BEMB':	[flag],
	'BEZL':	[ui8	],
	'BFCT':	[ui16],
	'BILB':	[ui8	],
	'BILO':	[ui8	],
	'BIMX':	[ui16],
	'BIPD':	[ui16],
	'BITV':	[ui16],
	'BLPT':	[ch8*],
	'BNCM':	[ui8	],
	'BNCR':	[ui8	],
	'BNum':	[ui8	],
	'BPII':	[sp78],
	'BPIT':	[sp78],
	'BRII':	[sp78],
	'BRIT':	[sp78],
	'BRSC':	[ui16],
	'BSAC':	[hex_],
	'BSIn':	[hex_],
	'BTIL':	[ui16],
	'BTTI':	[ui8	],
	'BTVI':	[ui8	],
	'BTVR':	[ui8	],
	'BTVT':	[ui8	],
	'BWLM':	[ui8	],
	'CHBI':	[ui16],
	'CHBV':	[ui16],
	'CHGC':	[ui16],
	'CHGD':	[flag],
	'CHGI':	[ui16],
	'CHGV':	[ui16],
	'CHLC':	[ui8	],
	'CLK!':	[ui8	],
	'CLKC':	[{clc],
	'CLKH':	[{clh],
	'CLKS':	[fp1f],
	'CLKT':	[ui32],
	'CLSD':	[ui16],
	'CLWK':	[ui16],
	'CRCB':	[ui32],
	'CRCU':	[ui32],
	'DPLM':	[{lim],
	'ECIP':	[ch8*],
	'ECIT':	[ui8	],
	'EPCA':	[ui32],
	'EPCF':	[flag],
	'EPCI':	[ui32],
	'EPCV':	[ui16],
	'EPMA':	[ch8*],
	'EPMI':	[ui8	],
	'EPUA':	[ui32],
	'EPUF':	[flag],
	'EPUI':	[ui32],
	'EPUV':	[ui16],
	'EVCT':	[ui16],
	'EVMD':	[ui32],
	'EVRD':	[ch8*],
	'F0Ac':	[fpe2],
	'F0ID':	[{fds],
	'F0Mn':	[fpe2],
	'F0Mt':	[ui16],
	'F0Mx':	[fpe2],
	'F0Tg':	[fpe2],
	'F1Ac':	[fpe2],
	'F1ID':	[{fds],
	'F1Mn':	[fpe2],
	'F1Mt':	[ui16],
	'F1Mx':	[fpe2],
	'F1Tg':	[fpe2],
	'FMAx':	[fpe2],
	'FNum':	[ui8	],
	'FPDc':	[fp79],
	'FPhz':	[si16],
	'FRD0':	[ui16],
	'FRD1':	[ui16],
	'FRD2':	[ui16],
	'FRD3':	[ui16],
	'FRD4':	[ui16],
	'FRD5':	[ui16],
	'FRD6':	[ui16],
	'FRD7':	[ui16],
	'FS!	':	[ui16],
	'FSDc':	[ui16],
	'G3WD':	[flag],
	'HBKP':	[ch8*],
	'HBKT':	[ui32],
	'HBWK':	[flag],
	'HDBS':	[ui8	],
	'HDST':	[hex_],
	'HDSW':	[hex_],
	'IAPC':	[sp4b],
	'IB0P':	[sp5a],
	'IB0R':	[sp5a],
	'IB0r':	[ui16],
	'IBLC':	[sp1e],
	'IC0C':	[sp87],
	'IC0R':	[sp4b],
	'IC0c':	[ui16],
	'IC0r':	[ui16],
	'IC1C':	[sp69],
	'IC1c':	[ui16],
	'IC2C':	[sp69],
	'IC2c':	[ui16],
	'ID0R':	[sp3c],
	'ID0r':	[ui16],
	'IG0C':	[sp69],
	'IG0R':	[sp4b],
	'IG0c':	[ui16],
	'IG0r':	[ui16],
	'IG1C':	[sp5a],
	'IG2C':	[sp4b],
	'IG3C':	[sp4b],
	'IHDC':	[sp4b],
	'IM0C':	[sp5a],
	'IM0c':	[ui16],
	'IN0C':	[sp69],
	'IN0c':	[ui16],
	'IO0R':	[sp4b],
	'IO0r':	[ui16],
	'KWS4':	[ui8	],
	'LAcN':	[ui8	],
	'LAtN':	[ui16],
	'LC2D':	[ui16],
	'LC2E':	[ui16],
	'LCCN':	[ui8	],
	'LCCQ':	[ui8	],
	'LCKA':	[ui8	],
	'LCSA':	[ui8	],
	'LCTN':	[ui8	],
	'LCTQ':	[ui8	],
	'LDEN':	[ui16],
	'LDI2':	[ui8	],
	'LDS4':	[ui8	],
	'LDSP':	[flag],
	'LDWE':	[ui32],
	'LEDC':	[ui8	],
	'LEDT':	[ui16],
	'LEIC':	[ui8	],
	'LEID':	[ui16],
	'LET0':	[ui32],
	'LET1':	[ui32],
	'LET2':	[ui32],
	'LKSB':	[{lkb],
	'LS!	':	[ui8	],
	'LSCF':	[{lsc],
	'LSDD':	[{lsd],
	'LSDU':	[{lsd],
	'LSFD':	[{lsf],
	'LSFU':	[{lsf],
	'LSLB':	[{pwm],
	'LSLF':	[{pwm],
	'LSLN':	[{pwm],
	'LSOF':	[flag],
	'LSOO':	[flag],
	'LSPV':	[{pwm],
	'LSRB':	[flag],
	'LSSB':	[{lso],
	'LSSE':	[flag],
	'LSSS':	[{lso],
	'LSSV':	[ui16],
	'LSUP':	[ui8	],
	'MACA':	[ui32],
	'MACM':	[flag],
	'MACR':	[ch8*],
	'MOCF':	[ui16],
	'MOCN':	[ui16],
	'MOHD':	[ui8	],
	'MOHT':	[sp78],
	'MOLD':	[ui8	],
	'MOLT':	[sp78],
	'MOST':	[ui16],
	'MOTP':	[ui8	],
	'MOVX':	[sp78],
	'MOVY':	[sp78],
	'MOVZ':	[sp78],
	'MO_X':	[sp78],
	'MO_Y':	[sp78],
	'MO_Z':	[sp78],
	'MSAL':	[ui8	],
	'MSAc':	[fp88],
	'MSAf':	[fp6a],
	'MSAg':	[fp88],
	'MSAi':	[fp88],
	'MSAm':	[fp88],
	'MSBC':	[ui16],
	'MSBP':	[ui16],
	'MSBc':	[ui16],
	'MSBp':	[ui16],
	'MSDI':	[flag],
	'MSDW':	[flag],
	'MSG3':	[flag],
	'MSLB':	[ui16],
	'MSLC':	[ui8	],
	'MSLD':	[ui8	],
	'MSLF':	[ui8	],
	'MSLG':	[ui8	],
	'MSLP':	[ui8	],
	'MSLT':	[ui16],
	'MSPA':	[fp6a],
	'MSPC':	[ui8	],
	'MSPS':	[ui16],
	'MSPs':	[ui16],
	'MSSD':	[si8	],
	'MSSE':	[ui16],
	'MSSF':	[ui32],
	'MSSG':	[ui32],
	'MSSP':	[si8	],
	'MSSS':	[{mss],
	'MSTC':	[ui16],
	'MSTM':	[ui8	],
	'MSTS':	[ui8	],
	'MSTc':	[ui8	],
	'MSTf':	[ui8	],
	'MSTg':	[ui8	],
	'MSTm':	[ui8	],
	'MSWA':	[fp6a],
	'MSWE':	[ui8	],
	'MSWF':	[ui16],
	'MSWO':	[ui16],
	'MSWP':	[ui8	],
	'MSWR':	[ui8	],
	'MSWr':	[ui8	],
	'MSXC':	[ch8*],
	'MSXD':	[ch8*],
	'MSXK':	[ch8*],
	'MSXN':	[ui8	],
	'MSXS':	[ch8*],
	'MSXb':	[ui8	],
	'MSXc':	[ch8*],
	'MSXd':	[ch8*],
	'MSXk':	[ch8*],
	'MSXm':	[ui16],
	'MSXn':	[ui8	],
	'MSXs':	[ui32],
	'MSa!':	[ui8	],
	'MSac':	[ui8	],
	'MSaf':	[ui8	],
	'MSag':	[ui8	],
	'MSai':	[ui8	],
	'MSam':	[ui8	],
	'MSap':	[ui8	],
	'MVDS':	[flag],
	'MVS4':	[ui8	],
	'NACK':	[ui8	],
	'NATJ':	[ui8	],
	'NATi':	[ui16],
	'NOPB':	[ui8	],
	'NTOK':	[ui8	],
	'ONMI':	[ui8	],
	'PAPC':	[sp78],
	'PBLC':	[sp78],
	'PC0C':	[sp96],
	'PC0R':	[sp87],
	'PC1C':	[sp87],
	'PC2C':	[sp87],
	'PCPC':	[sp87],
	'PCPG':	[sp87],
	'PCPL':	[sp87],
	'PCPT':	[sp87],
	'PD0R':	[sp87],
	'PG0C':	[sp78],
	'PG0R':	[sp87],
	'PG1C':	[sp78],
	'PG2C':	[sp78],
	'PG3C':	[sp78],
	'PHDC':	[sp78],
	'PHPC':	[sp87],
	'PM0R':	[sp78],
	'PN0R':	[sp78],
	'PO0R':	[sp87],
	'PP0R':	[sp96],
	'PTHC':	[sp87],
	'PZ0F':	[sp87],
	'PZ0S':	[sp87],
	'RBr	':	[ch8*],
	'REV	':	[{rev],
	'RMde':	[char],
	'RPlt':	[ch8*],
	'RSvn':	[ui32],
	'RVBF':	[{rev],
	'RVUF':	[{rev],
	'SAS!':	[hex_],
	'SBF	':	[hex_],
	'SBFC':	[flag],
	'SBFD':	[hex_],
	'SBFE':	[flag],
	'SBFN':	[hex_],
	'SBFU':	[hex_],
	'SBS!':	[ui16],
	'SCIA':	[ui16],
	'SCII':	[ui8	],
	'SCIL':	[ui8	],
	'SCXC':	[sp78],
	'SDAF':	[ui16],
	'SDAS':	[ui16],
	'SDRd':	[ui16],
	'SFBR':	[ui8	],
	'SIS!':	[hex_],
	'SIT!':	[hex_],
	'SIU!':	[hex_],
	'SMBC':	[ch8*],
	'SMBG':	[ui8	],
	'SMBR':	[ch8*],
	'SMBS':	[ch8*],
	'SMBW':	[ch8*],
	'SPH0':	[ui16],
	'SPHR':	[ui32],
	'SPHS':	[ui8	],
	'SPHT':	[ui16],
	'SPHZ':	[ui8	],
	'SPS!':	[hex_],
	'SPT!':	[hex_],
	'SWER':	[hex_],
	'Sr0P':	[sp78],
	'Sr0T':	[sp78],
	'Sr1P':	[sp78],
	'Sr1T':	[sp78],
	'Sw0P':	[sp78],
	'Sw0T':	[sp78],
	'Sw1P':	[sp78],
	'Sw1T':	[sp78],
	'Sw2P':	[sp78],
	'Sw2T':	[sp78],
	'Sw3P':	[sp78],
	'Sw3T':	[sp78],
	'Sw4P':	[sp78],
	'Sw4T':	[sp78],
	'TB0T':	[sp78],
	'TB1T':	[sp78],
	'TB2T':	[sp78],
	'TC0C':	[sp78],
	'TC0D':	[sp78],
	'TC0E':	[sp78],
	'TC0F':	[sp78],
	'TC0P':	[sp78],
	'TC1C':	[sp78],
	'TC2C':	[sp78],
	'TC3C':	[sp78],
	'TC4C':	[sp78],
	'TCFC':	[ui16],
	'TCGC':	[sp78],
	'TCSA':	[sp78],
	'TCTD':	[sp78],
	'TG0D':	[sp78],
	'TG0P':	[sp78],
	'THSP':	[sp78],
	'TM0S':	[sp78],
	'TMBS':	[sp78],
	'TP0P':	[sp78],
	'TPCD':	[sp78],
	'TW0P':	[sp78],
	'Th1H':	[sp78],
	'Th2H':	[sp78],
	'Tm0P':	[sp78],
	'Ts0P':	[sp78],
	'Ts0S':	[sp78],
	'UPRC':	[ui16],
	'VBLC':	[sp69],
	'VC0C':	[sp1e],
	'VC0c':	[ui16],
	'VCRP':	[sp5a],
	'VD0R':	[sp5a],
	'VD0r':	[ui16],
	'VG0C':	[sp1e],
	'VG0c':	[ui16],
	'VN0C':	[sp1e],
	'VN0c':	[ui16],
	'VP0R':	[sp4b],
	'VP0r':	[ui16],
	'WKEN':	[ui8	],
	'WVr0':	[ui8	],
	'WVw0':	[ui8	],
	'zDBG':	[ui8	],
	'zDSF':	[flag],

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