It’s always awkward having the, “yeah, we’re separated/divorced” discussion with people. Especially when you dodge around some “do they/don’t they” know statements, trying to evaluate if they got the memo or not. Tonight, I had to have that conversation with someone. For three hours.

It’s already demoralizing to have to let people know (so I’m extra grateful when people are reactively supportive before being despondent) for multiple issues. It’s even more so when you get to discussing it with said person and they’re initial reaction was “you didn’t try hard enough.” Granted, we both came to the table with preconceptions of what marriage should be by our own standards. However, it’s still a disheartening discussion to have to explain why we chose the route we did, only to be criticized that we needed more time or to try harder.

It’s exhausting. =\


  1. You should tell those people to get bent. People make mistakes all the time and you shouldn’t be penalised for them (especially ones of this, mutual, nature). I, personally, don’t think you should work at something too hard like that – by the sheer act of having to try so very hard, it’s clear it’s not right.


  2. Judgmental idiots with blinkers on. Walk away.


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