Wednesday, October 21st, 2009, Andrew Bird came on tour with opening act St. Vincent to Buffalo’s own Babeville venue for an amazing concert!I actually initially freaked out and bought tickets to their concert in Indianapolis, IN, because I saw their future tour dates took him over to Europe for a while. Hastily, I got those tickets sometime early in the spring. After my visit back to the Midwest, I took another look and saw *gasp!* they were coming to Buffalo’s own Babeville. *massive facepalm* So I had some tickets to sell for the Indianapolis concert, doh!

The concert’s timing was well-placed. The past week was being extra rough on me emotionally (Monday night especially, but nothing as bad as that other recent episode), and I needed a solid pick-me-up. It didn’t help I didn’t find another person to take my extra ticket, but I just had to live with it. So I sucked it up and went alone. Never been a fan of that, but I’m slowly breaking that habit.

Never having been to a concert in this sort of venue before, I just as well assumed I’d show up when the doors opened at 7pm. To my surprise, there was quite the line already waiting to get in. Lesson-learned! I still got a pretty nice seat on the upper balcony level to get a clear line of view of the stage, but I can see why the line-goers show up so early. Got to be first row down in the pit, but of course!

St. Vincent came onto stage and promptly got themselves started with Actor’s opening track The Strangers. There’s always a level of difference or awesomeness I just expect from live music when I finally get to hear it in person. I blame it on adrenaline half the time, but Annie Clark’s skills on her guitar sort of flabbergasted me to watch and hear! I was really floored when I finally got to hear Actor Out of Work and Marrow…listening to her dance and flange across those chords left me in a sort of aural bliss. I’m sure most people won’t agree, but I love the hard and raw feel to those two songs especially!

I do feel a bit for her and the rest of St. Vincent, however. The crowd seemed a bit lackluster in their enthusiasm for the group as the opener. My personal thought was that there wasn’t a lot of St. Vincent fans in proportion to the number of people there to see Andrew Bird. I could almost swear I saw/heard the awkwardness in Annie Clark as she addressed the audience throughout the concert, and I was more inclined to believe after seeing her Twitter feed1. Regardless, they played a slew of delectable music, including (at a minimum): Save Me From What I Want, Black Rainbow, Laughing With a Mouth Full of Blood, and The Party2. They closed out with Your Lips Are Red from the album Marry Me, which I found to be a bit ironic3 considering it’s, you know, Buffalo.

Andrew Bird was just as awesome as I was expecting him to be. I hear all the stories, and they must’ve panned out to be true, judging from the audiences reaction! He gets so into his music and really likes to put on a proper show for his fans; it was awesome all around to watch. Being just a solo act, you get to see just how much he can really put on just on his own! I’d list his set here, but Michael James Murray got a fabulous set of pictures while he was at the concert, and even got this one handed to him:

You can find another review of the concert by an indie music blog know as The Calcutta Blog.

Overall, I was most impressed by St. Vincent overall, as they put on a much better performance than I was necessarily expecting. They were both outstanding performances though, and I’d go see them both again in a heartbeat! Now just to go see Muse live, and I’ll have knocked my “big-leaguers” off my want-to-see-live list.

P.S. I bought my first vinyl ever that night: St. Vincent’s “Actor.” I’m slowly turning into an audiophile elitist…*shifty eyes*

1Compare Buffalo‘s tweet to either Cleveland‘s or Ithaca‘s respective tweets.
2The songs really aren’t as morbid or depressing as they sound, they’re really quite lovely. She loves to twist the mood of the music and lyrics around for fascinating blends. NPR did a story interviewing her on All Things Considered!
3A verse of the lyrics go as follows: “This city’s red, this city’s red from riding us into the ground. This city’s black, this city’s black from all the ashes in downtown, ashes in downtown, ashes in downtown.”

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