Just a note to the three most important events and/or engagements of the day.To the cute barista at Starbucks, who one day I will actually ask if you’re a zombie-flick fan or not (I heard that you are):

Thanks for noticing I was having a crappy day. I didn’t realize it was that obvious, but I definitively left work in a distressed mood, and was coming in for a chai tea latte to have that breath-and-relax-but-not-keep-myself-awake-all-night drink. Just the fact that someone noticed and was willing to ask why made me feel a little better and less invisible on the social radar1. That, and you get my caffeine molecule sweatshirt. That makes me grin a little!

P.S. Looks like we didn’t get any snow until midnight or later. Looks like we got that snow-free November like you were talking about!

To Brenda and your obsessive over-thinking tonight:

Holycrap woman, chill out! Don’t over-stress yourself like you always do. Just dress a little on the cutesy side, be yourself, and just ask him out. You’ll save yourself about ten years on the grey-hair onset and probably at least five years on the stress-induced hypertension!

To the laboratory that sent me the constructs I just got back the nucleotide sequences on:

I sincerely hope that,
(a) you missed the critical publication about a year ago in the field that highly suggests the coding sequence of the protein we are working on is not what you apparently still think it is


(b) you have a valid and unquestionable reason to why you are using the originally published protein coding sequence as opposed to the newly revised and updated protein coding sequence.

The constructs you sent me sequenced to be nothing different than the old constructs I was attempting to use a little over a year ago. Infact, I believe it was the same construct I sent your lab back then.

I was planning to get to sleep early. Thankfully instead, I got to witness the end of the New Orleans & New England game (way to whomp on the Patriots, woo!). Unfortunately, my ear is a bit sore from talking to Brenda for nearly three hours. I should really look into an earpiece for my Curve to make that more comfortable.

Additionally, I was hoping to see some snow. None yet…hoping for a nice blanket in the morning!

1Living alone again has really left me feeling like I’m in a social void. I need to consider getting a roommate(s) for next year just to at least get some ruse of a social circle around me again.

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