I am still alive and kicking. Well swimming. Keeping my head above the water, so to speak.

I’m looking for a new apartment. Something to cut down the cost. I investigated an option for a roommate this evening. Seemed nice enough, the apartment is nice, the landlord seemed very welcoming, and the landlord’s friend who was over to visit at the time was very interesting to meet! In fact, she was Patricia Devis, who graduated from UB with a Ph.D. in biochemistry back in ’86. Talk about a small world! Anyways, the landlord and friend seemed to like me; we’ll see how the tenant likes me after surveying the rest of the applicants. Keeping fingers crossed; it was a great part of town and seemed like good peoples. I’ll be saddened to leave the Elmwood area, but the Hertel area of town looks rich in things to do as well.

Research is a bitch. What a surprise. If I could throttle my science some days, I would! I might get more out of it that way.

Cooking still fun. I’ll get to that too. In the interim, I got to get some sleep. Got a busy day tomorrow; small laundry list of “must-do-ASAP” that needs addressing before I can get too far into next week.

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