I think all you need is a small taste of success, and you will find it suits you.
  -Monique Junot, Better Off Dead

May felt like it has been pretty crazy. Looking back upon it, I really don’t recall much of it. It’s kind of sad that way; I am constantly worrying about what I need to get done. A week passes, and I hardly recall what I did for it! I need to down the stress levels a tad and just breath. Thankfully, I have a few new books1 to indulge with and get lost in when I have the time.

Last week was achievement week for me, apparently. I got word back on Monday from the landlords at the new apartment that I checked out that the spot was mine if I still wanted it. That was a fantastic start to the week, since this effectively ended my search for a new apartment far sooner than I was originally anticipating. I signed the lease for the apartment last week, put down that first month and security deposit and have keys in hand already! They stated they were going to professionally clean the rugs sometime soon (apparently this coming Thursday as communicated by the roomie-to-be), so I’m holding off on moving anything until that’s done with. Moving is the easy part, however. Packing everything up is the royally pain in my patootie. That, and I have some reservations that everything is going to fit. Maybe I’m just cautiously pessimistic; we shall see.

I also wrapped up getting the Jetta refinanced2. With the loan through Volkswagen officially (pending receipt of hardcopy) paid off, I’ll be finishing off the remainder of the loan through USAA. I stretched the remainder from 19 months to 24 months to deal with the slightly higher interest rate, but I’m only paying a marginal sum more to lower my monthly payment significantly3. Now I just have to deal with the change in title, changing my insurance info, shopping around between Allstate and USAA to see who’s cheaper for the insurance, blah blah blah. Not looking forward to that bundle of joy. *facepalm*

Also helped get Rich’s file server up and operational, despite the Northbridge unit overheating. The fan is dying on that heatsink,

Keynote talk

Other random stuff from earlier this month includes our departmental research day symposium. I got glowing reviews about my talk this year! I didn’t even practice it, which has me rethinking my presentation strategy. Click through on the picture for some more photos I took at the symposium this year.

I’m saving the random weekend cooking for a separate post. This one is going to get too long otherwise. Going to finish feeding/attention-giving the upstairs neighbor’s cat4 and then off to bed.

1I recently acquired Palahniuk’s Diary and Lullaby, Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, and Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, courtesy of the Mattingly‘s! I am nearly 1/3 of the way through through Diary as it is right now.
2Holly’s name needed to be removed from the lease in order to get her name off the title, and I needed her name off the title in order to file for the insurance properly under just my own name. Pain in the freaking ass if you ask me, but DMV laws are DMV laws. Ugh!
3It also bumped my interest rate down a little bit because the loan was so short to start with, so that offset the longer repayment period a bit.
4The neighbor’s out at a barbeque for the night and won’t be back until sometime tomorrow, so she asked if I wouldn’t mind giving her cat her late night snack (when the neighbor gets home) in her absence. Gave her the snack, and letting her wander around a bit (she usually gets to wander the stairwell some) and gave her a lil’ attention to boot! She’s not much of a laser pointer junkie though, bummer.

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