Weekend cooking has been a mess this past month…bear in mind, most of this stuff has been on my Twitter feed, if you follow that at all. It’s my poor man’s crutch in lieu of sitting down to blog about this stuff.

I’ve cooked something most weekends, but pictures have been all but present so far. The first one was Scotch eggs, and they were fabulous! I just need to cut down on how much sausage wraps the egg, because 4oz of ground pork for a single hardboiled egg is a bit much (and a bit heavy on the stomach).

Scotch eggs

The following weekend, I forewent the cooking and just opted to bake some stuff to help get rid of some of my baking reagents (namely the brown sugar). I ended up making some delicious1 cocoa oatmeal cookies. YUM! I also ended up making some homemade Nutella spread, but there really are not any photos of that. I’m still torn on how well it turned out, but after aging briefly in the fridge, it definitely turned out better than fresh out of the blender. Poor blender was working so hard it was heating up the whole spread mixture!

Cocoa oatmeal cookies

I cheated and cooked earlier for the following weekend because I couldn’t wait. I picked up a bunch of lentils, some fresh beans2, and “organic” sour cream and cheese from the co-op. I had a mean craving to make myself some lentil burritos!

Bear in mind, this is a 12″ flour tortilla!
Lentil bean burrito Lentil bean burrito

My latest endeavor was more of a mistake than intended. I made my dad’s traditional beer-battered buttermilk pancakes for breakfast Saturday morning while Adrienne was visiting for the weekend3, but I ran out of flour in the process4. I ended up subbing over 75% of the original flour for whole wheat flour and they turned out just fine! They are far more filling than the regular ones, so my old habits of eating 8-10 pancakes for breakfast is tamed down to a mere 4-6 instead5.

I had some thoughts in my head for other stuff to cook this week, but I think that will have to be played by ear this week. I have lots of random foodstuffs that need to be cooked or consumed prior to moving, and I want to relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax. I’m thinking comfort food6 and easy-peasy dishes this week7, if nothing else to save me some time washing dishes this week so I don’t get so behind on it this week.

1Delicious is only a tame word to describe it. The cookie batter tasted like rich, thick (room temperature) hot chocolate! It translated very well after baking, and they still taste like a smooth hot chocolate embodied in a cookie!
2My last bag of beans sat nearly 9 months before I tried to soak them the same weekend I made the cookies. I’m not sure if I even got a dozen of the beans to soak and swell. Regardless, had to discard them and grab some fresh ones. I’m cookin’ with ’em now!
3The batch recipe is allotted out for more reasonable sizes, but requires 1/3qt of buttermilk. I would rather use it all than freeze/thaw the buttermilk, so I always end up making something like 30ish pancakes from a full quart of buttermilk. It is much more amenable to cook in this quantity for multiples instead of just myself, obviously.
4Remember those cookies I mentioned earlier? Yeah. I used up most of my flour on those. Great forethought on my behalf.
5Four to six of these panckes isn’t something to be trifled with! I ate six of them Saturday morning, marched around Niagara Falls an hour or so later for just over 3 hours, and was still feeling pretty damn full.
6I’ve got some kidney beans left from my lentil burrito week. They go very well in beanless chili for making Frito pie, mmmm!
7I have eight boxes of Aldi-branded tuna helper wannabe that a) look delicious, and b) could use some fixin’ with lots of tuna and green peas to boot!
8This one is here for the footnote readers’ gratuitous desire to read these. I went a little overboard with ’em this time. Apologies!

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