I didn’t even realize “transitionalism” was really a term for something until I slapped it into Google. Well, it’s kind of fitting!

Before I forget to mention it, I did snag some photos while Adrienne was up for the weekend (the last one in May), during our excursion to Niagara Falls. I apologize for the lack of not having them in a set, but due to the small’ish number of pictures from that trip, I didn’t really feel it warranted its own set. You’ll just have to use the Photostream for now!

I’m so mismatched between moving right now. Conveniently, I do not have to worry about setting up utilities and services at the other apartment since they’re already up and running, but it just means I can shut them down that much sooner here in my (soon to be) old place. Elisa (the FreeNAS server I built) and Victoria (the rarely referenced Mac Pro workstation) are on standby awaiting setup at the new apartment, but I’m in no hurry to do that until I get myself fully transitioned over. What I really need to get moved is my shelves. At least for storage’s sake. That, and the essentials: clothes dresser, bed, and clothes! My dishes are a little more dispensable in the moving process as the roomie’s dishes are already there, but regardless I’d like to get those in promptly after moving the essentials over to complete the transition.

Looking at what’s left, it really is the majorly PITA stuff to get moved. Anything that is a two-man job typically implies needing an extra large vehicle. Queen size mattress? Yup. Two piece entertainment stand at 5’x6′ combined dimensions? Yup. Dining room table with the legs removed? Ironically not! Unfortunately, that beast is awfully solid and heavy. I’d try it myself, but I’d probably nearly kill myself like I did when I tried to place the top half (hutch?) of the entertainment center on the main stand all by myself sometime last fall. Still a little concerned I didn’t rearrange my internal organs in the process, but I’m still alive, aren’t I??

I think tomorrow’s a break day for moving. I’ll just pack as much as I can manage in the evening and pre-load the car for some moving on Tuesday. Maybe I’ll even splurge at Amy’s Place afterwards! I’m craving some Lebanese again…

In the meantime, I’m dying of laughter watching bad club dance instruction videos. I’m out!

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