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Just having finished out the 14th DNA Replication and Repair Symposium this weekend, things can finally slow down a little bit. Between moving, the meeting, and putting up a guest for the meeting, everything has mushed into a blur.

Three weeks later, and I’m nearly finished moving. There’s a small handful of items leftover at my old place to be moved1, some items that need to be donated/thrown out, and then obviously have to finish cleaning the apartment. I had some ambitions to get that done prior to the end of the month and see if I could just forego paying for the last half-month of rent there2, but that is appearing a bit less likely. I have three days left to try and get that finished in, still need to get the Jetta’s title transfer taken care of, help a friend move a sectional before the end of the month, and I’m really far too spoiled with reading books and enjoying the weather now that there is a balcony attached to the new apartment.

All that PITA stuff that I was groaning over? Well, it all got moved. Even the entertainment center. I was quite seriously considering selling/getting rid of it, but when Rich came over to help me get my bed, table, and shelving units moved, his ambition completely abolished those thoughts. His lil’ man-truck was loaded to the brim. Really. The tailgate closed with less than an inch of clearance to everything that was stashed in it3. I really cannot thank him enough for getting all the major stuff moved over to my new place. My supporting squad of helpers was less than usable, as Greg and Rob were the only ones who showed up4, so Rich and I really packed everything and moved everything in that afternoon. I still owe him a case of beer for that sometime, whenever I drop by for dinner again.

Keeping this short for now. Got more stuff to do. I need to drop these in quicker and shorter. Might as well start trying!

1Random computer stuff, a 4cu.ft. fridge, plastic shelves to give away, grill, and even more random kitchen items (I really need to cut down on kitchen stuff).
2My former landlord was pretty cool about that stuff. One time I got my rent check in late, forgot what the late fee was and left him a note saying I’d drop off the late free tomorrow, and he texted me later that evening and said don’t worry about it! I’ll sort of miss him; he was an awfully laid back and enjoyable fellow (not to say my new one isn’t).
3Entertainment center and hutch, queen mattress, both box springs, two big IKEA shelf units, both bedroom nightstands, the dining room table; that truck was piled wide and high, both!
4To clarify, they showed up just after Rich and I were coming down after showing Rich around the apartment. Which was after we moved the last of the stuff in. So much for timing…

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