As I was picking up a couple items this morning from Wegmans, I decided to pick up some extra fiber english muffins that I saw there. Recently, I’ve tried some extra fiber whole grain bread and found it fairly tasty, so I’m exploring these high-fiber grain products a bit more now.

Apparently I did not read the package as well as I thought I had. I assumed they were extra fiber whole grain english muffins after I scouted through the different varieties and picked one up. Upon making breakfast this morning, as they were in the toaster oven it started to smell a bit like pancakes with maple syrup! I thought I must be smelling someone else’s kitchen, or something under the burners as I was making the eggs. I pulled them out of the toaster oven, and lo and behold that was the source of the sweet smell. I checked the bag: honey wheat english muffins. Interesting…

I finished cooking my eggs, and assembled them into little sandwiches with the english muffins with a little bit of cheese on them (even one of them with a slice of canadian bacon). I swear, they tasted just like the McDonalds McGriddle breakfast sandwiches. Better, actually, as I don’t like how sweet the sandwiches from McDonalds are.

I think I’ve found my new breakfast kick. Just add a fruit, and I think it’s all around healthy!

P.S. I always try to cook my eggs without any butter/oil unless I’m craving that buttery taste to them. This sandwich solution kind of negates my need for that taste!

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