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…I am totally ready for summer to be over. Let’s get on with the fall already.

Let’s get on with all the pretty changing of the leafs; all the brisk days and sweatshirts and long pants; all the coziness that develops as the temperature slows down and people slow down.

Let’s be done with the mosquitoes; be done with the uncomfortably humid days; be done with the nights that don’t cool down until 4am in the morning.

I have vivid memories of the fall from back in Minot. One stands out in particular: swinging around on the rope swing in my backyard, wearing jeans and a hoodie, laughing and talking with Aleasha-Rose from down the street. That memory must be almost 15 years old, but it really sticks with me.

I have none of those (well, besides the clothing) anymore. I’m aching for something just as powerful in my mind. This could potentially be my last autumn in Buffalo, depending on how things look if I finish my degree next summer.

Let me see what this city has to offer…

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