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December 27 – Ordinary Joy. Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year?

Some days you really have to live for the little things. Some mornings, you really just have to live for the little things, especially. What better tone to set the day than a wonderful morning?

One of my favorite simple moments was the weekend breakfasts during the late summer/early fall. I would get up around 8ish, and Emily would have already left for work, so I would have the entire kitchen to myself. I’d fire up the broiler and broil some bacon. I’d diced up bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms, and toss them with some shredded cheese inside a large omelet. As the omelet would be finishing and the bacon would be draining off, I’d get the toast made, and finish sautéing up any leftover potatoes I might have had from the night before with the residual vegetables. Top that all off with a large, fresh cup of coffee, and I’d have one loaded breakfast.

I would take one of the large stoneware plates, load up all my food, and march it and the cup of coffee out to the porch (which faces east), where I’d sit and let the sun beat down on my bare arms and legs, basking in the sun like a cat. I’d take my time, enjoy the food, sip on the coffee, listen to the breeze, and just enjoy the quiet weekend morning. I didn’t think things could be so fantastic!

Despite the large cup of coffee, all that food typically put me into a minor food coma. I’d have to be careful, or I’d fall asleep into a mid-morning nap with all that delight going on in my stomach and on my skin. But hey, that’s what this post was all about, wasn’t it?

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