I need to learn and master some things this year to improve myself. It may not make sense on a superficial level, but I need to purge myself of Twitter and Facebook temporarily. They have become a crutch for me to garner a sense of pseudo-community, and I feel the need to break that to ensure I don’t become addicted to it.

Resolution #1: Go completely IM/tweet/update free for at least a week. Potentially two, which may be conditionally decided after the first week.

It has become too easy to socialize with people without seeing them face to face, or speaking to them directly over the phone. I remember back during the college years and after; I insisted on not getting a cell phone. I vowed to myself I wouldn’t become addicted and tied down by such a device. I never even considered owning a cell phone until just before I made the move out to Buffalo, since it was such an enormous endeavor at the time.

Since I have gotten a cell phone, it has not served my conversational habits in the least. I never arranged to get a landline telephone because of the insane costs for it here1, and simply kept the cellular phone instead. Since then (and over the years of upgrades), I really only use it for obligatory and easily acquired Internet access. I talk less than an hour each month, yet I can send 1000+ SMS messages, burn through through over 1GB of data traffic just over the cell waves. I understand that society is slowly going that way, but I need that vocal conversation. I don’t get that on a daily basis, let alone a weekly basis in many cases.

If you have my phone number, you’re more than welcome to reach me whenever you feel like. If you don’t have it but are friended with me on Facebook, you have access to at least one (if not both) of my phone numbers. If you have none of the above, you’re more than welcome to contact me and request it. There is no ready access to it for my Twitter followers, but if I follow you on Twitter, I likely trust you enough to give you my phone number.

I don’t expect this to change my calling habits over the duration this takes place. However, it’s an independence thing that I feel a compulsion to ensure I can do.

Welcome to the New Year folks. Hope you all have a marvelous 2011! I am trying to ensure that I do as well this year.

1I used to pay $80 a month for unlimited local calling, 100 free minutes of long distance, free caller ID and voicemail, and high-speed SDSL (2MBps up/down) Internet access through a local telco. If my memory serves me correctly, I think local service was pushing something around $60-70 off the get-go with no frills through Verizon’s landline service. Dear god!

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