Rule #1 about resolutions: They’re stupid.

Rule #2 about resolutions: Wait, why are you bothering with resolutions again?

Yeeeeeah…that pretty much sums it up. I feel like an idiot for even bothering to try and make any. As a person, instead of making resolutions, they should instead be goals to achieve. Durr. Goals with an as soon as reasonably possible expectation; none of this let’s get it done sometime this year crap!

So now that I’ve got that out of the way with…back to our regular programming. Well, regular bloggage at least. I’m still contemplating that week without social media thing, but I am already feeling horribly out of the loop. Really, I think my reason (code deleted here ’cause <select> elements suck ass) for doing so is pretty weak, so I may crack on that sooner than later. No more of that petty little shit.

I made it down to Wings Galore’n’More to speak to Dave about social media stuff, setting up a proper1 Facebook page, and getting him setup with Twitter and/or Foursquare. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the time this afternoon (I came in a little too close to a meeting), but he is at least going to get a Foursquare account setup, so he can manage the venue I added when the restaurant opened.

Two quick techie rants. After seeing someone mention something about the learning curve on her new Android phone2, I’m a bit tempted to write an Android guide as a primer for people just coming over to the operating system, and what is available to them in the sense of things3. I’m sure it’s been done before, but meh, another person preaching just helps reach the rest of the masses who don’t know the better yet!

Secondly, I’m cranky about the (X)HTML5 drama, and frankly pissed off that the W3C abandoned XHMTL2. I was really pleased and looking forward to the adoption of XHTML and CSS to do all of one’s web layouts, but we just can’t have nice things now, can we? *tears at scalp* I look at the HTML5 specs so far and cringe; I was hoping for deprecation and refinement, and now it just seems like there is duplication and confusion between new elements.

So on that note, I think it is time to curtail my rising anger over the HTML5 frustrations and retreat into a book for the evening. Don’t mind the new look going on. I’m catching back up on the HTML/CSS specs so I can defenestrate (I wish) my existing homepage and put something I’m more comfortable with in there4.

1Proper only in the sense that I strongly feel businesses should be using Business Pages as opposed to personal user accounts to promote their business. The setup of the Pages in Facebook is designed to work in their advantage! (hint hint Blue Monk…people have even setup a Facebook Page for you, and you’ve even checked in at it through Facebook Places! *facepalm*)
2Yes, Ms. Shoe, I be lookin’ at you!
3I know people are hesitant to “root” their phones, but it does offer a lot of advantages, and even lets you get rid of the resource-hogging Sense UI that HTC likes to push on some of their phones. e.g. The Evo 4G looks like a fantastic phone spec-wise, but I’ve heard it drags a bit more than other phones that are running far less customized UIs. That, and just playing around with a Sense ROM for my own phone, I have to overclock my phone substantially to get it to run as smoothly as the CyanogenMod or stock operating systems on it.
4The existing home page has become a bit of a mess without any upkeep. I need to pull some links, potentially add some new ones, and put something much more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes there.

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