So like I alluded to previously in another post, I’m just going to forego the resolutions altogether. In their place, something more concrete can be established: outright goals! However, these are going to be assigned with a minor twist. Instead of simply making a goal, I might as well throw a bonus of sorts in with each one. A bonus in the sense of a hope: an additional goal that is above and beyond the original goal. This way, the goals can be something realistic and achievable (as they should be), but they also come with an added challenge if the original goal is too easily achievable.

So. First goal of the year!

Goal: Run twelve 5K (or longer) road races.
Hope: Get my average pace per mile below 10min/mile.

Since I got started last year, I realized that road races are well within my capability. Sure, I cannot run them without walking (yet), but I am able to complete them, and have improved with every road race I did last year. Because of that, I need something to keep me on a schedule and proactive about maintaining. The road races are a better way to do this than assigning myself a running schedule, mostly because money is involved. And they also

Twelve sounds like a lot. It really is not. It averages to one a month, although I won’t be running any in the winter months I do not believe. The likely exception would be the Turkey Trot. I think that will be the pinnacle road race for 2011 for myself! However, a couple races a month is easily spaced; a road race every week or two is more than enough downtime between each.

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