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Second goal of the year: ready, steady, go!!!

Goal: Cook one recipe a month from The Silver Spoon..
Hope: Cook one recipe a week from The Silver Spoon.

I originally made the hope goal above last year, and that turned out to be a disastrous failure. Between the work involved (and the random emotional duress I was still being plagued with) and the cost of reagents for each dish, this was essentially beyond my means at the time. I’m setting the bar a tisch lower this year, so I can work up to it as necessary. Also, I need to (badly) learn to better cook for one; I can’t keep making batches of spaghetti that last me the entire week!

Yesterday evening’s sole agenda was putting together a menu for the week. Also, it gave me a chance to browse through The Silver Spoon some more, and I probably should start doing that on a weekly basis. That way, if something looks like it will fit into my rotation of meals for the week, I can at least plan for it. So with that in hand, I went grocery shopping today (and scouting sources of duck) for a week of the following:

  • Tuesday: Crockpot ranch turkey tossed with green peas and rotini, and an Indian dessert of sorts1
  • Wednesday: Cream of garbanzo bean au gratin, followed by pork chops with blueberry sauce.
  • Thursday: Homemade pizza, predominantly onion, tomato, and mushrooms. Maybe some meat if I have leftovers from either of the above two dinners.
  • Friday: My awesomesauce2 spaghetti, with broiled garlic cheese bread or sage and rosemary bread.

In retrospect, I realized I should not have bought the Italian bread for the au gratin and garlic bread until Wednesday, so here’s to hoping it won’t dry out too much by then. Additionally, Wegmans appears to be an adequate sourcing for duck, however it’s on the pricy side (as I was expecting). I really want to cook with duck some more, but the price may prohibit that from becoming too often. I am all for cooking it for special meals, but depending on the frequency of those, I may not be cooking it much strictly for myself.

1It is some sort of sweet carrot and cashew dish that Siva, our current rotation student in the laboratory, described and encouraged me to try. I am going to tweak the dish a little bit and add in some shredded coconut at the end to add even more deliciousness to it!
2Haha! That was punny! Anyways, I just think it’s awesome ’cause it’s a derivation of my mother’s recipe from when I was younger. I’ve been cooking it for at least a decade, know it completely by memory, and it’s usually pretty awesomely tasty!

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  1. Wednesday’s menu sound amazing! We rarely spring for meat (it’s not really in the budget), but we used to do homemade pizza a lot! This inspires me to try to set up a menu for our household.


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