So, I’m in West Dover, VT, for the week for the Gordon Research Conference on Chromosome Dynamics. It was about a seven hour drive out from Buffalo, with a very scenic (albeit secluded) drive through Green Mountain National Forest on Kelley Stand and Stratton Arlington Roads. Definitely gave the Jetta a nice workout, between the hefty inclines/declines1, and the dirt/gravel-only stretch that is Kelley Stand Road. I have to admit, I love and miss the smell of big forests!

The first keynote was pretty awesome. David Sherratt provided some interesting data about chromosomal segregation in E. coli, and even a shout-out to Hda (my favorite protein)! Susan Gasser‘s keynote about chromatin migration in budding yeast after was also really interesting, but left a lot of speculative questions unanswered. They actually had to cut the post-talk discussion to an early end because they were out of allotted time. It also reminded me how eukaryotic systems are going to kick my butt in the talks. However, I’m pretty enamored that they chose a prokaryotic talk for the first keynote of the conference!

Also, I have a bunch of 4th of July pictures laying around from last weekend. Go take a look, if you haven’t seen them already. I got some fairly nice fireworks pictures, and a couple of great shots of a Roman candle war.

Lastly, Google+ is going to be my technological crack for a few weeks. I got an invite over the weekend, and am slowly learning the ins and outs of it. Bad time for that, amidst a scientific international conference!

1Some of those inclines/declines were pushing 20-25% grade. Uffda!

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