Third day of this conference got a bit rougher. I did not wake up nearly as refreshed1, and I tried to cut back on my coffee consumption. It’s certainly not necessary, but it does help. That made the morning session a bit more difficult to stay awake through, but I did just fine! An earlier bedtime tonight will fix that issue.

I attempted to hike up Mount Snow during the free afternoon block. I only got about halfway up the mountain before I lost the quadricep/knee strength to keep climbing2, but it certainly was better than I had hoped after the poor attempt to climb Whistler Mountain two years ago. A quick immersion in the pool prior to the poster session, and I realized just how sore that climb left me. Yikes!

I’m getting more and more excited for my time at my poster on Thursday afternoon now. I talked with Sue Lovett again about my work and ß-clamp related stuff after lunch, and had a couple more people asking me when my poster would be up to look at and discuss. Apparently repair and mutagenesis conferences are not the place to be presenting my work!

Unrelated news: Netflix just drove their rates up. Streaming plans are no longer included in their DVD plans, so I’m promptly dropping the streaming plan, if not dropping them altogether. There are still a few older movies I want to see again, and some older TV series I’d like to rewatch, but I have no substantial use for their streaming. Their selection for streaming is too variable most of the time, as well!

Exhaustion and muscle fatigue are winning me over. I’m determined to keep up the blogging nightly during the conference, mostly for the principle of it, and less for the context. I’m still irked and torn over the ‘please don’t share/email/record/tweet/etc data’ principle of the meeting3, so I try to refrain from going into details. BUT, much to my surprise, I found another tweeter (or more accurately she found me) at the media! How hip are we?? I can’t wait until the walls come down a little further on this sharing of research data. That’s altruistically what research is all about, is it not? (o.O)

1Monday morning I woke up with the sun; the alarm did all the work this morning!
2My knees are surprisingly weaker than they used to be back during my high school years. I used to do quad extensions at an easy 150lbs for both knees. I think I’d be lucky to do 100lbs with ease on both knees now. Really considering getting them checked out for the weird squishy noises I hear from them as I climb stairs daily!
3Mostly because of the sharing nature of the conference, yet we can’t tweet/blog about it, despite the fact we’ll be discussing it with our colleagues later regardless? Seems a bit…moot, perhaps? *shrugs*

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