I’m keeping tonight’s post relatively succinct in nature. I’m struggling to stay awake at the moment, and I got some people1 to impress tomorrow with my poster!

    Highlights of the day:

  • There’s a running joke now about how project/research X has been ongoing/started/joined/left since Y’s administration (even including a jab at the “Lewinski administration”)
  • Considering the quirks I’ve heard about Marians’ ability to socialize, he gives a very good talk; I’m less apt to believe said remarks about his socializing skills
  • Was surprised and pleased by the incorporation of G-loop/G4 structures into this meeting, albeit for perhaps only a singular talk; this was awfully popular in the repair and mutagenesis fields, so I wasn’t quite expecting it here
  • Someone thought the food here at the meeting was relatively terrible; I’ve just been ecstatic to have salad with every meal except breakfast (the couscous and quinoa salads were delightful surprises as well)
  • Next meeting (2013) may be in Italy…Italy!!!
  • Voted to recommend applying for the Gordon Research Seminars for the next Chromosome Dynamics meeting; I hope to be attending it, if my soon-to-be post-doc research interests align then!
  • Freakin’ amazing animation of mitotic chromosome pairing…I’d swear it came out of a professional 3D-animation studio from the looks of it
  • Intrigued by some results being seen, where it appears recA isn’t acting like expect…at least not responding like one would expect it to in response to UV DNA damage
  • Related to that, wondering what the hell is up with obgE…originally identified as a ribosome-binding protein, it seems to affect replication, chromosome partitioning, and god knows what else!

1Sue Lovett, David Sherratt, James Berger, Ken Marians, Alan Leonard, Julia Grimwade (although I think I have her taken care of after talking with her at her poster today) for starters!

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