Cooking in the heat has never been an enjoyable activity. As much as I love to cook, the unnecessary summation of multiple heat sources is just overwhelming sometimes. Spaghetti needed to be cooked tonight, but I really need a better environment for doing so!

It’s a minor heat wave across the United States right now. In particular, Buffalo has been hovering in the mid to upper 80˚ range, although the urban core of the city is often nearly 10˚ warmer. Last night, my bedroom was ~78˚ when I woke up, with a fan moving air in all night long. Tonight is supposed to dip down to 65˚, but I have grave doubts that it will reach it; it’s still above 80˚ as we speak!

I left the last night of the Gordon Research Conferences without a post. Mostly because as the last night of the conference, I decided to indulge and overly enjoy the social activities for the evening. Instead of the early bedtime, I apparently had half a dozen beers, chatted until ~1am, then joined more peers in a sauna and talked about the pitfalls of the American culture for another half hour, and rambled aimlessly about it more until nearly 3:30 in the morning, upon which I decided I had to get to bed. Promptly.

Waking up with the alarm, I was far more functional than I had anticipated Friday morning. Exhausted, but functional. Selinsgrove, PA, was a long seven hours to drive to, but well worth it. I got to meet up with Rob and his wife Ashley, and meet Rob’s good college friend Matt and wife Laura. I haven’t seen Rob nor Ashley in a while, so it was great to get to grab dinner with them, and spend the rest of Saturday with them at the Selinsgrove Hops Vines & Wines Festival.

The heat upon returning to Buffalo has been nigh killing me, but I’ve managed without the air conditioner yet. We’re supposed to peak at mid-90˚ weather on Thursday, so if I’m going to break, it will definitely be then. I’m at an impasse when it comes to installing the window unit because I only have a single window in my bedroom. With it in place, I cannot allow the air to freely blow through on the cooler days. After a brief discussion with a friend, I may have to seriously consider a portable, exhaust-driven AC unit instead; relinquishing the window for cool breezes would become much easier!

Blogging is going to be weak this week. I have random work stuff to do (redesign a Filemaker database, organize some lab notes on my laptop, work on my paper), and I’ll be gone all weekend camping in Letchworth Park with Rachel and friends. This heat is just an energy suck. Ugh!


  1. We have one of those exhaust-driven portable AC units in our third-floor attic room, which is now the only habitable room in the entire house. I have been vying desperately for a window unit (I grew up in Tennessee, where AC is ubiquitious), but the bf so far has not relented. (If you decide to sell yours when you get a portable, let me know.) And the portable ones aren’t very portable, BTW. They weigh like seventy pounds, and if I tried to move it downstairs I would probably end up facedown at the base of the stairs with that monstrous thing squashing me like an anvil.


  2. Oh, and I’ve been a total wimp about cooking. Although tomorrow I am making chicken salad sandwiches and cold zucchini soup. Both require cooking, but ultimately are served chilled and are delicious!


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