In the more ridiculous news this week, apparently one of my coworkers in the lab thought I was going to steal the thunder on his thesis (or something).

I was discussing briefly with my mentor on how to go about using a control experiment to help refine some better details out of a ton of data I generated this past month. Out of this discussion, my mentor decided it would be doubly advantageous to expand that experiment to a larger degree to see if it would work out for my coworker and his work. If the experiment worked out, he could have adapted it to his own use for his thesis. Discussing this with him, he said that sounded fine. I setup the cultures that I needed to incubate overnight, and took off.

Fast-forward to an hour ago: I received an email from him addressed to our mentor and I. Apparently he’s not comfortable with someone else doing something that close to his thesis question. Apparently I was stepping way too close to his work than he (or I, or anyone) originally thought?

I just wanted a control for my own work. My boss just wanted to see if it would work to save my coworker some trouble. Apparently my coworker wants me doing nothing with his work, or anything too close to answering his own questions.

Is it just me, or is he taking this a bit personally? I was just trying to be helpful, but apparently that’s unwanted, for some reason or another.

Add this to the ever-growing list of ‘potential reasons for why my coworkers seem to irrationally dislike me.’ *facepalm*

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