Of course, it has only been a couple weeks, but I’m already starting to feel neglectful of my blog again. Time to touch base again, although it will be brief. I have been pressed with more important sideline issues as of late.

Not sure why I never got around to it, but a few storms decided to roll through during the end of August. It was a good lightning show while the storm stayed to our west, but unfortunately my porch faces east. Thankfully, I did manage to capture a few decent lightning bolts.
A good consideration for the future would be to obtain an apartment with good northerly or westerly facing windows/porch for shooting this kind of stuff. The storm was loud and blustery, but really did not leave us with much rain.

Thanks to a plethora of banana peppers that I received from a friend, I decided to take a stab at making some sort of a jalapeño pepper jelly with them. Taking minor tweaks to this recipe that I stumbled across, I managed to hack my way through my first jellying/jarring excursion. I managed to boil over the pot of jelly1 while leaving the kitchen for 30 seconds, but that was my only significant complication. Well, besides completely mucking up the math on the number of jars the recipe would make. I double the recipe to expect 5-6 jars, and barely filled the four you see below.
Jalapeño & Banana Pepper Jelly
I was scared to taste the results. I made those last weekend. Finally taste tested it this weekend. The verdict? Delicious! I was thoroughly impressed. My first jar giftee also agreed (presently missing link, do not click)! A large, mass batch is in the works to process the gobtons of additional peppers I just received over the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend: it was pretty awesome! I played laser tag for the first time at Lasertron for a friend’s birthday. It was pretty enjoyable, although I was far from being an all-star at the game. You can certainly work up a sweat playing it, however. Made me concerned I was going to be gross and stinky for the after-party at ¡Toro!. Well, the ridiculously loud club feel led me to want to escape from there pretty quickly. My whiskey 7 just wasn’t cutting it. Also managed to pull off my first legit all-nighter EVAR Saturday night. I’ve tried twice in the past, to little avail, despite how grand or gruesome they were:

  1. Physics project during college was due the next day, and I promptly skipped my class right after turning in the physics project, and went to sleep from 10am until about 2pm that day
  2. An all night sex-fest kept me busy until about 8am, after which my date took off, and I fell asleep from 11ish until 1 I think? Physical exhaustion was probably a significant, contributing factor

In any case, whatever I did Saturday was enough to keep me focused and coherent all night, and onwards through Sunday as well! I think I’ll have to keep the secret of how that worked to myself for now. *smirk*

Closing on that note, I’m still recovering sleep-wise from Saturday’s missing rest despite a 10-hour slumber last night. I had a bit more to spew forth in this body, but it appears that will have to wait until tomorrow sometime.

Adieu, mes amis.

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