Twice this week I’ve attempted to put myself back on the running spot. Twice I’ve succeeded. Wait, what?!?

I haven’t run in nearly a month and a half. Last time that I did, I promptly came down with a cold afterwards. That, and my pace was less than awesome. I had been struggling to get it down below 12 minutes a mile so I can finish the YMCA Turkey Trot 8K in less than an hour. The first year I did it, I finished in about 69 minutes which shocked me. I never ran anything longer than a mile since high school up until that point. There was hope that I could run!

Fast forward to two years later: I am roughly 25lbs lighter, and I have spent the last month logging in something like 35 miles of hiking. Getting out for my cold turkey run on Tuesday, I was shocked that I could sustain that first mile of running straight. And at a solid pace! ~10min/mile or faster! I was flabbergasted. Additionally, my walking breaks were significantly shorter, and less often in frequency. I finished that badboy at 11:40min/mile.

What the fuck??

No, really, I was shocked! I haven’t run that fast nor confidently in I can’t remember how long. Hiking muscles and weight loss made an amazing difference. Yesterday, I felt the itch of sickness. Worrisome thoughts of coming down with the plague again ruined my thoughts throughout yesterday. Today, I loathed that it could be getting worse, yet it had not. The weather panned out beautiful, and with a slew of rain moving in over the weekend (and the fact I won’t even be home all weekend), it was promptly decided I needed to run again. I figured this would either (a) make or break me of my sickness, and (b) show me if Tuesday was just a fluke, and that my overworked quadriceps would settle me back into a ‘normal’ pace.


I could only think, it’s not just a fluke…I can really do this now…

The Turkey Trot is completely (hell, guaranteed) within reach. I am ecstatic. Other people talk about how they want to be one of those people who can carelessly go for a run and enjoy it. I never thought I could be one of those types. Now, I’m having serious doubts about that old thought: I could really do this. Keep pushing myself a bit more every week, and I may be running full 5K stretches without a walking break.

Excuse me while I go take a deep breath, sit down, and really absorb the implications of all this…


  1. Great feeling, isn’t it? I’m still on short intervals, but after running outdoors, in intervals and being successful at it consistently for the last two weeks has really made me feel like this could be something that I could do and enjoy on a regular basis.

    I’m sure I’ll probably get to the longer intervals on Saturday and feel like I want to die, but for right now it feels good and I’m going to run with it (pun intended) for as long as I can.


    • It really is a surprisingly good feeling. Similar to an ego boost, it’s just a confidence in something I had little faith in before. I’m irked over the coming weather this week detracting me from it, but considering what I’ve accomplished so far, I’m more than okay with a little waiting just to get back to a few more semi-serious runs, which are still far better than I anticipated being at this point!


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