Last week was a mess of playing catchup so I could enjoy my crazy-assembled weekend, and now this week is playing the intermediary before another big weekend.

I’m pretty sure I wasted too much of Monday evening cranking out that enormous, relatively incomplete and/or rushed blog post, only to have to rush off for some birthday drinks. In reality, I should have been finishing writing my paper, which I ended up having to crank like crazy on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Between the fact that I was going to be out of town over the weekend, and I had dinner plans both Thursday and Friday evening, I really had no choice but to finish just about all the writing by Wednesday evening so I could stay a tisch distraction free. It’s been tricky lately to stay terribly focused; I’ve been trying to juggle a lot lately mentally. It may be time to start working on a written list of tasks again.

Thursday’s dinner at The Viking Lobster Company was delicious! Splitting out a Viking Seafood Feast for two resulted in a pair of lobsters, broiled haddock, enormous scallops, some jumbo shrimp, and some large crab leg slices. Mind you, this all followed a Portuguese clam chowder1 and a house salad with a clam & peppercorn creamy dressing2. Friggin’ delicious! Combine that with an amazing (and mildly amusing, despite bruising conveyed in a recent update) night in afterwards, I was very ready to decompress after all that writing from earlier in the week. Friday night supplemented that very nicely with a dinner at O’Connell’s American Bistro for Restaurant Week with most of the social media crew. A delicious four-course sampling with about a half bottle of some (rather mild and smooth) Malbec left me about drained of energy for the week. ‘Twas difficult to let Cori go for the evening after the past 28 hours, but she had a deadline to make back at home, and I had to start prepping for my trip to Cincinnati over the weekend.

Last year, myself, Doc Hohle, and Doc G all took a trip down to Cincinnati for the Bills/Bengals game, being that Hohle is a Bengals fan, and Gerrish is a Bills fan. I was offered an invite on the trip, it sounded fun, so off I went with! We also made an informal pact to attend the next Bills/Bengals game if we were all still in the general area of the country at that point. Little did we realize that both teams’ dismal standings put them into a matchup again the following season, this year. So off we drove, early Saturday morning, to another Bills at the Bengals game, down in Cincinnati. Adding to this trip, we picked up a friend of Doc G’s in Pittsburgh along the way, making the drive marginally longer.

Nearly ten hours on the road after leaving Buffalo, we finally made it into Cincinnati. A quick check-in to the Hotel Motel Holiday Inn, and we were off to get some dinner at Buckhead Mountain Grill. They have a pretty amazing chicken pot pie, that is complemented by a pair of a veritable slew of sides. I was terribly disappointed by the enormous Shiner Bock that I had ordered, so it was a doubly dumb decision to order such a large bock without having tasted it first.

Not much to say about the Bills/Bengals game. If you watched it, you saw the lovely attempt at control the Bills had, before the Bengals took over. If you didn’t? Well, Cincinnati lost, finally putting the Bills out of their undefeated streak to open the season with. I always get weird looks wearing my Packers jersey at non-Packers games, but I do enjoy me a little football, and I’m clean about enjoying it, regardless of where I’m watching it! Surprisingly at the gate, the guard that patted me down mentioned how she has often seen people wearing non-game jerseys (like mine own) just to cover offensive clothing, so she asked to see my clothing underneath. I was kind of shocked by this, but apparently it has happened before. It rather saddens me that fans have resorted to such a thing at a sporting event. I mean seriously people: it’s just a game! If you’re so upset that you take any criticism of a game personally, then you need to really re-evaluate your stance on the sport!

Leaving the game is only a step towards the weekend I’m craving. Nine hours of driving only left me daydreaming of camping all weekend long. Surveying the week, I’ve actually got a bunch of stuff to finish.

  • Tonight was my (weak-ass) attempt to catch up on all the TV season premieres that I follow. Yes. Premieres. I’m already two weeks behind on my television. I have a very valid excuse, no worries!
  • Tuesday night is dedicated to checking the tent gear and making sure everything is there. Also, any last minute shopping for gear in case I’m missing something. Pretty positive that I have everything, however. Oh, right, and comedy night down at Nietzsche’s to see Mr. Rizzo at work!
  • Wednesday night is jelly night. Time to crank through the rest of my hot and sweet peppers and get some jelly done!
  • Thursday is grocery shopping and prep night. Getting all the roaster veggies chopped up and marinating for campfire cooking! Also, packing my gear would be good to do, as well.

Then, once Friday gets here, it’s time to pack up the car and hit the road3!

Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I have an almond cake to dig into for the third time tonight…*Homer drool*

1Supposedly a brothy, sweet chowder, but I can’t seem to find any recipes online that are adequately describing it. Onions, potatoes, carrots, clam, and a little bit of lobster. It was quite tasty, despite the cooked carrot taste messing me up a little.
2The restaurant makes all of their own dressings for their salads, so this sounded terribly appetizing!
3I may have to make another check into the County Clerk’s office. The final processing on this divorce is taking foreeeeeeeeeever. Ugh!


  1. Is there going to be any almond cake left for me, or should I just make myself another one? hahahahaha


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