It would appear I need a kickstart in my blogging nature again. Since November is National Novel Writing Month, I’m taking the shortcut blogging evolution that has develop since. I’ve got a list of prompts to help take me through the days that I’m too busy to come up with novel blog material (read: over the next week), but I will be trying to put in original material when and where I can.

So here goes with Day 1!

    30 (hopefully) interesting facts about myself:

  1. I love to cook. I may not always have the time for it, but I love to. It’s useful as a stress reliever, but I really cook the most when I’m in my happy place.
  2. I’m somewhat OCD about cleaning. I used to have to clean before I could study back during my college years. It’s toned down a bit since, but I still feel an obsessive need to keep both my home and workspace in neat and tidy arrangements.
  3. I have a ridiculous obsession for blueberries, and blueberry-laden dishes/confections/baked goods.
  4. I am a Mac junkie (see my About page to see how badly), yet I’m in love with the Android OS on my phone. I’m a walking fan boi contradiction of sorts.
  5. I used to play the viola, and I still long to these days. I miss small chamber groups the most. Playing in a quartet for four years was the most fun in my history of playing the viola.
  6. My laboratory notes are ridiculously detailed. Other lab members have laughed at them, but after a year doing research in an industrial setting, there’s no switching me back…
  7. I love bold, dark colors. My bedsheets? Purple. I only wish they were darker. Favorite color? Indigo. My eyes love contrast in all aspects of ocular viewing.
  8. I’m easily distracted in nearly all cases; my mind jumps from topic to topic a lot. It takes some serious work or interest to fix my focus on a single topic/object/person.
  9. I drink roughly a gallon of water on a typical day. Got tired of drinking pop in college, and just feel way better keeping my system that well flushed of excess salt.
  10. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. You really have to prime me to be in the mood for sugary delights.
  11. Certain pieces of music just make me want to cry. It can be an occasional movie score, some hard Rammstein metal-rock, blaring Andrew W.K., or something as simple as a classical work. The music just has some sort of emotion that moves me for an unbeknownst reason.
  12. Science will forever be part of my life; I ask way too many questions in order to understand way too much stuff!
  13. Tagging onto the above fact, I love to take stuff apart to fix it, understand how it works, and put it back together. Hopefully in an accomplished manner!
  14. I am an audiophile of sorts. I have a keen ear for intonation and details (usually), so I tend to tweak when I hear low bit-rate audio compressions or noticeably out of tune people in a performance.
  15. I’ll sacrifice a lot for a friend. I have been, and still are, often more concerned about others than I am for myself. I’m slowly bringing my own personal concerns into their level of attention as they should be.
  16. I love snow. I grew up with it. I love watching precipitation in general; rain, snow, hail, you name it!
  17. I also love the cold. Mostly because I love the recovery warmth afterwards. Or the excuse to get warm and stay warm. Blankets. Hot cocoa. Coffee. Cuddling. You name it.
  18. I don’t swim all that well. I can swim okay in a general direction, but I seem to have a very tough time with treading water. I think my legs are just too dense or something. Or I’m swimming-tarded.
  19. I get red wine headaches from certain varietals. Still working on that list of ones that screw me up.
  20. I have a pretty solid core body temperature, but my hands and feet get abnormally cold. I’ve had poor blood flow to them for years. Three layers of gloves, and my hands still freeze operating a snowblower.
  21. I love to lie in the sun. Much like a cat, I will totally nap in the sun if I can find a spot to lie in it.
  22. I am more rested sleeping on the hard ground than a soft bed. However, how sore I am is just the opposite of it…
  23. I have been around dogs all my life and only been bit by them twice, whereas I have really only been around cats for about six years, and been clawed substantially over 20 times.
  24. I am not terribly close with my family. It’s not that we’re on bad terms, I just really lead my own life and don’t feel a driving urge to remain deeply connected to my family. I went to college to help get away from them and get out on my own.
  25. I am not a speeder. I take my time getting places when I can. Even on the highways; 5MPH faster doesn’t save you much time. A few recent incidences of speeding are only an indication that I’m impatient in some regards.
  26. I love playing card games. I picked up cribbage in junior high from my father, and I used to play solitaire for afternoons on my own while listening to The Who. I got heavily hooked on pinochle and canasta in college with friends.
  27. I have on multiple occasions out-biked the capacity of my legs to travel on my bicycle. Not good to strand yourself somewhere without the energy to get back home…
  28. I have a man crush on John Cusack. I just love the roles he plays.
  29. I record/download oodles of television shows that I want to
  30. I got a Lego™ stuck up my nose as a young kid. I was curious where my nose went, exactly…

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