So I haven’t exactly gushed about my recent relationship. Or any relationship lately, really. Although, I’ve alluded to it a couple of times so far. So if you’re already aware of the following situation, there’s no need to click through the veil. Or if you don’t want to read about a bunch of barfshine1.

I’ve tried to think of a few ways to describe things. It has been difficult, to say the least. Things are comfortable on an uncanny level. To such a degree that my normally tingling senses of ‘too coincidental to be legit’ alarms went past ringing and broke. There are some things we mesh on remarkably well, and then there’s just enough stark and distinct differences that it is that swift kick to the head to say yes, this is legit, you idiot!

I told myself time and time again that I wouldn’t bother entertaining a long-distance relationship. With the amount of time I have left in Buffalo, and the business that I had to dabble in, that a long distance relationship just wouldn’t be worth the effort. If I could go back to that version of my self that said that, I’d slap him in the face for being so presumptuous.

Cori‘s living an hour away with her parents, while she gets her professional life back in sorts. Much like Holly has been, she is/was getting screwed by the bullshit in the teaching profession that seems to be ever-mounting, and finally decided to get out of it into something more practical and feasible. I cannot blame her for it; I’m horrified with the state of the education system and the way it is being treated these days. But that’s not what this blog post is about. Anyhoo. She’s got an ‘asshole’2 dog who is adorable and cute, but he legitimately took a sizable piece of flesh out of my hand3 the first time we tried to acclimate him to me. None of that has really made any dent in my infatuation with this young woman.

Her wit and candor brightens my day and puts a grin on my face. Combine that with some sardonic humor, a passion for cooking, technology, and do-it-yourself projects, I suddenly have someone to match wits with in all of those regards! Between that, and her incessant desire to cook for me4, I have been spoiled rotten.

We can kill an evening out at the Buffalo Philharmonic, or stay in and gobble up delicious Chinese food and (try to)5 watch a movie. Or even just this last weekend: spend an entire in, being a lazy bum just because one of us needed it! We can sit there and rage over Mario Kart6 or go to a concert at some venue. It doesn’t really matter…I think we can do just about anything together at this point. At least anything within reason.

Now it’s really time for the barfshine, folks. She’s got this chronic smirk on her face that makes you wonder just what her ninja mind is thinking. Her smile is amazing, and her laugh just makes you want to keep her laughing so you can keep hearing it. Her hair is some shade of natural red that I’ve never seen before. She’s just all-around beautiful7, and knows how to compose herself as such. Despite her obsession with makeup, she still rocks it just right for my tastes, and I am by no means a fan of makeup.

I am floored. I feel like this is too good to be real. She brings her candor and differing opinion often enough to remind me it’s not so perfect that it’s unreal, but it still feels like it some days. We’re restricted primarily to weekend visitations due to our schedules and distance, but we make it work. Probably helps avoid accidental relationship burnout (if that’s even possible here). I’m left all kinds of distracted thinking about her. Seriously. It settles in like a haze and ruins my work-day concentration.

I can’t believe I landed this woman. I really thought I had little serious chance when I first gave it a thought. Something worked. I have no idea what worked. So I will just continue to be me, and run with this as long as she wants to.

I still feel like I’m doing an inadequate job of describing this. I’ve crushed several prompts today, but I’m so scatterbrained with this one, I feel like my post is all over the place. I knew this prompt would trip me up! Let’s hope you all get the picture, though. Perhaps I’ll refine a better one later on… 🙂

1Barfshine: the unnecessary or unwanted spewing of awesome happiness.
2Her words, not mine!
3I thought it would be completely healed up by now. Apparently, it’s still working on that. Or it’s slowly turning into a scar. In either case, still don’t care!
4Or cook for anyone who will appreciate the food. Her current cooking audience is marginally picky, to put it lightly.
5I’m still working on finding the right movie to keep her awake. Her notoriety for falling asleep during movies precedes her…
6I vin! I vin! I vin! 🙂
7I wanted to hit on her when I first met her months ago, but having just met her and not being able to read her, all I could do was crush on her temporarily instead.


  1. It doesn’t matter that you feel scattered brained. I never know how I get from point A to point B when I write sometimes. The only thing that matter is that you wrote and wrote for you.

    I am so elated for you right now. You deserve this. Cori is one lucky girl, and I am fairly sure she knows it. #virtualcheers


    • Thanks Susan! I’m pretty sure we’re both still blissing out on the luck we have in this relationship.

      I’m sure my thoughts will be more coherent at some other point in time. My writing (across the board) has been so ADD-plagued as of late, it’s been ridiculous. I need to get that in check one of these days!


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  3. I am so happy for you! I should now send you clips of the comic that I write and draw – the main character I named Holly, and she is sardonic and sarcastic and constantly smirking.
    Unfortunately, she is also modeled to look like me and to be a perpetual woman-child.
    Maybe it’s not as appropriate as I initially thought.
    But still — congratulations!!


  4. Wait…I was totally confused. I need to work on my reading comprehension.

    Wow, congrats to you and Cori!


    • Hahahahaha! It’s okay; you’re probably a bit preoccupied with coursework and exams coming up shortly. I can’t blame you at all; I remember those days quite well.

      Also, I totally want to see these comics you’re talking about! I’m all about sardonic/sarcastic humor, especially in ironic or lewd situations. You should see my weekly comic repertoire that I frequent. I should run a blog post about it sometime!


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