Holly and I picked up a “deep cleaner” yesterday, as I guess they are called these days. I always called them shampooers back in the day, but regardless of the name we needed one because our carpets were starting to look a bit nasty in areas. We have a couple spots of high traffic that looked pretty worn and darkened, and we were getting spotting areas showing up since we got Milla. Admittedly, I have no idea what those spots were, but I do see her dribbling a little after getting herself a drink. I’m not sure how exactly that can stain a carpet. Anyhoo…

Cleaning most of the living room carpet took about an hour, but it was amazing to see the difference. We’ve been in this apartment for just over two years now, and it was amazing how dark the water came out from the cleaning. The stretch just coming out of the kitchen was still a bit darkened compared to the rest of the carpet right after cleaning. However, once everything has dried, it’s amazing to see how much cleaner the carpet looks. It kind of brought something to mind, though. How many people stay in their rental property for years and don’t go to the trouble of doing this?

We vacuum on a relatively regular basis, but how many people actually go to the trouble to deep clean their carpets? Now that we’ve got the machine, we’ll probably do it three to four times a year. Without it, I probably never would’ve considered it. Does anyone actually pay to have their carpets professionally cleaned without a deep cleaner?


  1. Never have had carpets professionally cleaned. My parents would rent a cleaner every few years in the old house.


  2. SInce you and Nate had moved into your apartment in Minneapolis, did you ever have the carpets professionally cleaned, or rent a cleaner? My mother bought one way back when, and that’s usually the means by which our carpets in my old home got cleaned.

    Now, they’ve redone the living room to a hardwood floor, so they don’t have to worry about that nearly so much anymore. I don’t think they really use the cleaner anymore, since they purchased a new, smaller spot deep cleaner.


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