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Since I weighed in at the 260–lbs mark after the new year rolled around, I made (yet another) firm decision to lose weight. I already tried this years ago, both with running and some modest watching of my diet, but I fell off that bandwagon the following year. My weight hovered okay, especially through a summer of dodgeball until I tore my calf during a winter season of kickball. All the sedentary nature slowly let the pounds creep back on until I was back in the 240–250 range. This wasn’t so troublesome until I got to an Italian Thanksgiving, an Italian Christmas, and a big fat Italian wedding all over late 2012.

260–lbs was the tipping point. Since then, I resorted to getting my shit (really) together, and set myself hard goals for weight loss. First, I need to get down to 200–lbs. Second, I would like to get myself creeped back down into the 180–190 range, depending on how I feel about my figure1. Lastly, I set myself a goal to walk 500 miles in 2013. So far, things seem to be going okay, although I’m a little behind on my pedestrian mileage.

I’m bouncing around the 225–lbs mark. I’ve slipped off close to 4 inches off the waist, so I’m finally wearing all my jeans from a couple years ago that I last snuck into. My shirts are fitting more comfortably, but I certainly haven’t slipped back down into a large for them yet. Unfortunately, my belly fat (both front and sides) isn’t coming off nearly as quick as I would have hoped. Even doing daily pushups & leg raises hasn’t touched the abdominal region much, but it has refreshed my core strength a bit.

Being a little crazily busy with finishing up my time in the lab, my walking mileage is suffering. I should be somewhere close to one third of my 500–mile goal (aka 166 miles), but I’m only around 120 miles right now. The hope to get an apartment around 1–2 miles from work up in Toronto would help get me back to this goal lickety-split, but that’s still up in the air at the moment.

The biggest boon in this entire endeavor has really just been watching my caloric intake. Measuring net caloric expenditure for the day, every day, since January has made a huge difference. I’m certainly not starving myself, but keeping my weekly averages below 1800–Cal/day has really done the trick. It sucks that I have to pay so much attention to what (and how much of) I’m eating, but it has been pretty crucial. Once I get to my goal weight(s), I will certainly ease off the caloric restriction, but after all these months of going through it, it will certainly give me a better perspective on what I can pull off dietarily!

1Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m a guy, worrying about his “figure.” I do really want to slim down my belly & love handles. A 6–pack is utterly unnecessary, but I’d lovely to comfortably fit into men’s large shirts again, ideally.

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