Ragged in just the sense that I’ve got too many things to get done, and I feel like I’ve hardly touched many of them.

I’m still trawling through half of September’s data from the fluorimeter to properly represent all the data, and not just the salient points (which wouldn’t be salient without the uninformative data to demonstrate as such). The strive is to keep the current notes up to date, and work on the backlog as I continue to get time. I really just need to finish it all up this weekend.

I have to get my OHIP application going. Health insurance is kind of a big deal. DUH! Oh, and in looking for the link for the page, I discovered I actually have to visit a ServiceOntario center for this. Oh joy! *sigh*

I also need to apply for my NEXUS pass. Border crossings back into Canada on Sundays are ridiculous! I’m stuck waiting for an hour nearly every time I’m trying to return by the Peace Bridge.

The weight loss has sort of leveled off at the moment. Granted, I’ve had some significant hiccups that counteracted any progress I was making, so maybe that’s what has put me into fluctuation territory without major gains. I’m down somewhere around 65 lbs since New Year’s Eve at present, which I still find utterly remarkable, but I’ve got a few more to go before I can lay off the modest dietary restrictions. 180 is the goal, and I’m fluctuating way too randomly around 195 right now.

I’m pushing myself to cook more often. My cooking is a bit rusty; I need to dig out the recipe books, and delve into my Pinterest archives & continue to try the ridiculous numbers of recipes that I’ve pinned over the past couple years. At least the calorically–balanced ones for a while!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must turn in for the night, lest I turn into a pumpkin. They don’t balance well on a bicycle, especially in the morning, so I’d rather not burst my gourd open while attempting to make it to work in such a state! Maybe I need to splurge on a pumpkin spice latté in the morning to give this week a pick–me–up…

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