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This week has been a bit miserable, experimentally.

Just getting through all my experiments has been a drawn out process all week. Tuesday’s mishap put a kibosh on the rest of that evening’s lab work. Yesterday was just slow & unproductive, unfortunately. Today was disconcerted, with a lack of solid focus most of the day (I really should have just taken a coffee break midday) & an abundance of frustration with my (first ever) EMSA today. I rocked it casting my first large gel without any sort of a casting rig or agarose plugs for a crutch1. Unfortunately, I really didn’t stop to consider how difficult it would be to handle a 0.8 mm thick 5% acrylamide gel. All of the mini gels I’ve worked with were often 15%—no less than 12%—acrylamide and 1 mm thick. This foul little film of a gel sent my frustration through the roof in trying to manipulate it. I’m rather shocked I even got it imaged in the end without having it torn into several pieces!

…sometimes while waiting for the bus, if it’s not in sight, I’ll just walk to the next station…” (paraphrased, as I can’t remember the exact quote)2

Monday’s trek home was a bit of a disaster; I waited almost 40 minutes for my connecting bus (47B) after getting off the College Street streetcar. I jested I could probably have walked home in the time that it took to come pick me up. Tonight, I got that chance.

IMG 2219

Leaving the streetcar tonight, my mother gave me a call to catch up on how I’ve been. Instead of waiting at the corner for the 47B bus, I just opted to start walking north on Lansdowne Ave while I talked on the phone3. I was finished on the phone about ten minutes later at Bloor Street, with no sign of any of the 47 busses being nearby. My app indicated they were still at least twenty minutes or further off, so I decided to keep walking (which I will often do for streetcars; busses, less so), while checking behind me every now and then to avoid missing an oncoming bus (those suckers move fast on unrestricted roads).
And kept walking.
And kept walking.

The next thing that you know, I’m at the intersection of Davenport & Lansdowne (blue dot at right), and I’m starting to wonder where the fuck the 47 busses are! Taking a gander (this is probably 30 minutes after I started walking) at my app, the 47B northbound (red ping) is just now finally picking people up where I usually wait for the transfer. At this rate, I might even beat the bus home!

IMG 2221

Don’t speak too soon… I did beat the bus home. By the time I was heading down my side street from where my bus stop would be, the 47B bus was still almost a kilometer away. Not only did I beat the bus from the transfer station to my usual final bus stop, I beat it home.

What the hell, TTC? This line is turning out to be a terrible (albeit most direct) route home…

This weekend is going to necessitate a splurge. It’s time to go try out Sin & Redemption, barVolo, or Bellwoods Brewery that I was educated about over at Pour Girl last week (the young lady shares my interest in beer, so these should be great recommendations). Or elsewhere if something else looks similarly intriguing. A couple delicious drinks and a small smattering of comfort food would totally take the edge off this week…

1When you do your doctorate in a lab that has had multiple people cast sequencing gels, you pick up a few tricks of the trade on this, despite never having done one.
2If you’re reading this Sara, not holding anything against you by this comment. The resultant output of exercising this ended up rather comical (yet disappointing) in nature. And convenient extra exercise to boot!
3I deplore (loud & distractive) phone chatter on transit, just because it’s an inconvenient venue for having a conversation. Ergo, I similarly do not want to do the same, mostly out of frustration to myself.

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