Since there have been interested parties for a while, I finally took some pictures of the apartment setup that I have going right now. It’s nothing too fancy at the moment; pretty simplistic, much to my mother’s dismay. But for someone who is still in the transitory stages of his life, there’s no point to get too emboldened with potentially frivolous1 decorations.

Coming into the apartment, you can quickly see straight to the back of the unit. It’s pretty long and narrow, without any convenient wall to line much up against, besides where the computer resides.


Right off to the left is the bathroom and media shelves. Odd spot for the media shelves, but as you’ll see further in, there’s really not much room to put it otherwise.

_DSC7559.jpg _DSC7560.jpg

While off to the right, we have a slightly more detailed view of my workspace: printer, dual displays, workstation, and the server. All in unfortunately close company.


Marching a little further in, you can see my bike on the left in front of French doors that contain the furnace & hot water heater for the house (hence why I can’t put anything more permanent in front). The mirror was a recent addition by myself, since the bathroom is the only location where I had a mirror previously.



Taking a quick glance to the right, you can see the (narrow) stairwell to the main floor of the house, which both the landlord and I decided would be used well for storage. I have somewhere to keep all my empty boxes/packaging! Woo! Because I have a lot. And most of those boxes barely fit within the closet underneath the stairs (which coincidentally is the only other storage space I have in the apartment).

Sneaking right up against the dining table, you can finally get a wide view of the real meat of the kitchen/living space to the apartment. Kind of like a large efficiency kitchenette meets 1-bedroom apartment, or 1-bedroom apartment without a living room. Something like that.



Oh, hey, I’m actually in one of the photographs I’m taking for a change! Trust me; it’s a pretty rare thing. My mother hassles me often about why there aren’t more pictures of myself. It’s hard to be in them when you’re the one shooting them!

Getting over against the corner in the kitchen, you can see the last meagre stretch of living space I have, which was too small for my desk or dining table, so it ended up being the cozy space for my Expedit shelving units. They were both in the upright position for three or four months, but as I was wanting more & more to listen to my vinyls, I finally rearranged them and laid one on its side to support it (and have more functional “top” space).


As you can see, the closet being where it is, completely ruins to what extent I can really immobilize things in this corner. Granted, I could be worse off without that extra storage space, but I have so many awkward wall spaces to work with, it’s been rather a pain in the ass figuring out how to arrange the entire apartment.


Lastly, the bedroom. Again, rather minimalistic. I have no decor because I just hang out in there to read before bed, (very rarely) watch some television or a movie (via XBMC as I have no cable). The opposing door to the bedroom entry is to the laundry room, where the door between the bedroom and living space is residing. Considering I live alone, it seems to be a superfluous barrier to utilize. If company wants to stay the night & would prefer the privacy, it’s conveniently simple to put back in. But if I don’t need it…why bother?


Overall, I’m mostly happy with the unit. Pricing seems to be a steal, so I will likely be hard-pressed to move out in hopes of finding a better unit above ground with comparable amenities. Because of the awkward setup, and the lack of real furniture, I’ve been internally embarrassed about inviting anyone over for social functions over a meal or drinks or otherwise. I have had one friend over since I moved, and she wasn’t appalled by the unit, so the embarrassment is likely in my head more than anything. But really, I’m so used to entertaining with some sort of “lounging” furniture around to sit and chat in (as opposed to sitting at the dining table), or to watch TV (instead of trying to jury-rig my bed into a college-reminiscent futon of years past…which just might feel creepy on some levels, ack). I feel like I can’t entertain in this unit, yet I know others in my department who supposedly live in worse units & entertain company just fine. Is it all just in my head?

Anyhow, that’s the full tour. Should anyone reading this actually be curious about seeing anything else in more detail, just pipe up & perhaps I’ll oblige!

1Frivolous only in the sense that I’d rather not opt to decorate one apartment, only to find most of that decor doesn’t go well in the next unit, or struggle to find a good spot in them. As I explained to my mother one weekend, I’d rather get into crafty, constructive DIY decorations once I’m settled into a more permanent domicile; I don’t need more & more things to pack and move whenever I do move!

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