For just a minute today, I felt good about myself. Really good, like, I look good. To top it all off, I even felt that it could even be construed as sexy. And then it was just gone. Just like that. A fleeting thought, like a dragonfly that stopped for a second to check you out, and then is blasting off gone again.

Woah now, hold the horses there. That is a first; pretty sure that has happened next to never. I felt pretty close to that, nearly twelve years ago when Misty told me I had a cute ass. But since then? I don’t think I ever have. Maybe I came close a couple months ago (as noted here and here).


There may be some hope for my self confidence just yet. I just need to find a way to capture whatever it was I had there. Mold some more self-image around that nucleating event and rebuild it into something properly acceptable.

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