…is a warm fire, some spiked hot chocolate or glühwine, and some good conversation to wane away the day with. I don’t have to have the family & the loved ones…but they would certainly help. Just a sip of the same social interaction nigh everyone else is having today.

Maybe someone to watch a Star Trek marathon with, but certainly not necessary!

Getting an iPad from the parents (although I had to go purchase it), and buying myself a steeply-discounted Star Trek movie collection are I nice gifts…it’s not quite the same as unwrapping something, or receiving cards (of which I only got one this year).

I think the lack of that strong social circle is just making me pine more this year for being alone. But whomp whomp I suppose, right? It’s all of my own doing, in some fashion or another. However, lunch with a couple recent post docs on Monday and an aquarium visit & dinner with another post doc yesterday did at least dampen the feeling that everyone is gone for the holiday.


  1. Were that Austin and Toronto closer :/ Merry Christmas, Jamie.


    • Thank you Zal! The thought helps. Just that whole new city thing roughing me up in addition to everything else going on. Funny enough, talking over dinner on Tuesday night after Ripley’s Aquarium was discussion about the “friendliness” of Torontonians. Or more specifically how they tend to avoid being approachable, although they seem to be rather friendly if you can get them stopped and talking to you. Ironically, isn’t that how a lot of introverts are? Evasive of making themselves approachable, but usually rather receptive once approached? lol


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