• Fucked up my left knee from biking all week to/from work, and running 5K distances on Mon/Wed/Fri. Shin splints are the devil…
  • Got to drink 59-year-old Canadian Club (bottled 1961, apparently) Friday night
  • 1961 Canadian Club 1961 Canadian Club
  • Got a splitting headache Saturday morning from said whiskey
  • Went to another ComedySportz and IMF double-header Saturday night
  • Want to throw out my old MacBook Pro as the battery is finally shot, and it’s failing horribly at playing 720p mkv streams that it used to handle no-problemo
  • It’s apparently summer again; 70˚ temperatures most of the week? What the fuck?
  • Got to see the Canisius College Chorale perform! And got to see it inside Blessed Trinity church; it’s a very glamorous interior, dang!
  • Baking some apple crisp in my deep-dish ceramic pie dish finally did it in, after the crack it acquired from Holly’s old trip of putting it through the dishwasher
  • Apple Disaster

  • Still raging over some idiotic journaling over at The Chronicle because of bad math based on data over at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which was then further propogated by Gizmodo, and no one has even bothered to comment about how messed up the numbers are! There are not 5000 janitors in the US with PhD’s. There are ~215 (if they used the 2008 BLS numbers) with PhD’s, while ~5000 of them have a Bachelor’s degree or higher degree

I’ll get photo evidence of some of these endeavors up tomorrow, once I pull them off my phone. DONE!

In the meantime, I have bigger fish to fry: I have some sleep to catch up on, and a barista I need to attempt to ask out (in a sense) this week and some luck to try to obtain, apparently.

31. August 2010 · Write a comment · Categories: Personal · Tags: , ,

…I am totally ready for summer to be over. Let’s get on with the fall already.

Let’s get on with all the pretty changing of the leafs; all the brisk days and sweatshirts and long pants; all the coziness that develops as the temperature slows down and people slow down.

Let’s be done with the mosquitoes; be done with the uncomfortably humid days; be done with the nights that don’t cool down until 4am in the morning.

I have vivid memories of the fall from back in Minot. One stands out in particular: swinging around on the rope swing in my backyard, wearing jeans and a hoodie, laughing and talking with Aleasha-Rose from down the street. That memory must be almost 15 years old, but it really sticks with me.

I have none of those (well, besides the clothing) anymore. I’m aching for something just as powerful in my mind. This could potentially be my last autumn in Buffalo, depending on how things look if I finish my degree next summer.

Let me see what this city has to offer…