This has been a week from hell. My stress load was through the roof, and I really thought I was going to crack and lose it a couple times throughout.

Especially Tuesday; it had turned out to be a 14-hour day whereupon I went home, had two beers, and then promptly slept.

Wednesday, I got some drinks and got to sleep semi-early that night.

Thursday, I left for work at 6:45am, went to Alternative Brews at 8pm for the Jets/Bills game in Toronto, went to Denny’s (under some mild peer pressure) after the game, and finally got home at nearly 1am. Less than enthused about the time at the bar1.

Friday, left for work again at 6:45am2 and took off semi-early so I could get a (dearly) needed haircut, deposit my paycheck, and then finally recover some. I really stood around bewildered for about five or ten minutes once I got home. I honestly can’t remember what I’ve done here all week besides sleep and eat breakfast. My dirty dishes for the whole week consisted of two plates and four bowls, plus some containers of food I had just emptied out ’cause they went bad. I’m not even sure what nights I ate dinner. Huh.

Committee meeting is this coming Wednesday. That’s why I’m stressing. It’s been a bit of a crappy year again, and I get ridiculous amounts of anxiety over the concern of having not achieved enough in my research. Talking with my advisor yesterday morning, he said his goal for me at this point is to get me a solid paper and a good post-doc lined up. It was disheartening to hear that. I really still had some hope/ambition for pumping out at least two if not four papers. I can get the second one if I can for-god’s-sake purify my damn protein, but without that I’ll be resorting to primarily genetics to sort out my protein and all of its suppressor mutations. Less than ideal for what I had hoped.

Kelly made me want to watch all the Underworld series again. I’m out of the know for the first two; it has been a while since I’ve seen them. I think those will be interspersing my desperate attempts to finish my committee meeting presentation this weekend. That, and helping myself to more stuffing and pumpkin pie. I have approximately 2/3 of a casserole dish of stuffing and an entire pumpkin pie left to consume. In the succinct words of Liz Lemon…


1The bar was also a licensed cigar bar as well, so the place reeked of smoke and active smokers. I really hate (on many different levels) smelling like smoke when I go home.
2There was a Lake Effect Snow Warning for the metro area, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to drive in fresh, slick, wet snow with all the other rush-hour idiots, especially if my tires are on the balding side of wear.